The Worst Movies Ever

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The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Pel »

Movies the make you cringe
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by bite-me »


Open Water was utter trash. I want that hour and a half of my life back so badly.

And I wan't too keen on The Blair Witch Project. OMG WTHC!!!! Boring as hell. Then ending left me miffed.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Twilight<3 »

Pfft, any Disney Channel movie but, more specifically, any High School Musical movie. :roll:
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Miss Vengeance »

The Happening.

Normally I like the movies that everyone hates, but even I thought that the movie was total crap. It was kind of a pointless plot.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

The Scary Movies.
The ones that make fun of scary movies.
I hate does. Soooooo pointless and stupid.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Amethyst1 »

the worst 40 minutes of my life. so bad, i couldn't finish it. whatever though, i loathes the songs, i hate everything. i watched it for Amanda Bynes and she was really good otherwise everything was just ughhh, i couldn't stand it.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Scarlet »

The Sword in the Stone. It might be a classic Disney movies, and I totally love Disney movies, but not that one. It's just stupid. I mean, it's a cute story, but the whole time it's just about this annoying kid whose life sucks. And Merlin is weird. They do sing a few cute songs, but it has a horrible ending. So you go through the whole movie about this "average kid" or whatever, and then in the last 5 minutes or so he pulls the sword out of the stone, everyone's like "oh you're the king! worship you!" and Merlin leaves at some point. Arthur mopes about how he doesn't want to be king, then Merlin comes back and says "you'll be a great king! trust me!" and then Arthur says "oh. i guess you're right. being king's not that bad after all" or something to that extent. THE END.
The whole movie leads up to nothing, and right when something interesting begins to happen, the movie just ends. Least favorite Disney movie.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Andrea S. »

How to Deal, starring Mandy Moore.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Shannon »

i agree with you, How to deal was horrible! I turned it of in the middle of it

Lady in the water was bad.
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Re: The Worst Movies Ever

Post by Yibbs »

No country for old boyfriend made me watch it and I hated it
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