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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by love_is_noise »

DudeRocksTheTwilight wrote:
debussygirl wrote:My post is riddled with spoilers, so if you don't want to know, don't read further.

Burrow+burning=LAME. Should have cut that out for the epic battle at hogwarts instead. Sad about Bill and Fleur not being mentioned, I loved the part in the book when Fleur says she still wants to marry Bill. The ending was anticlimatic. No Dobby again. :cry: :cry: :cry: I also missed Dumbledore's funeral, although the way they did it in the movie was nice, too, with everyone lighting their wands to make the dark mark go away. I actually really liked that part, but still missed the funeral and the spiderman speech with Ginny. Those were the only things that I think they cut they should have kept in (Dobby they should always keep in because he's awesome like that). I get why they had to get rid of stuff, but those are just the things I think they really should have kept in for the book's sake.
I loved how this one was dark, but not too dark (like the 3rd one, UGH too dark too soon) and I loved the relationships. Wish there had been a tad more Harry/Ginny, since in the book they were official, not just a one kiss.
I cannot wait until DH!!!!! It will be awesome since there'll be 2. I wonder what they'll be called?
That's EXACTLY what I think!!!
They said they cut out the battle at Hogwarts because there was one there in DH. But still, they should have put it. The scene I really liked, that almost made me cry, was the scene where Dumbledore died. And everyone raised their wands.
I also think they should have added in more about why snape refered to himself as the halfblood prince.
Nothing happened until the very end when snape was like
"yes potter, I am the half blood prince"
I was like...leave some hints in the film please! That's what I liked about the book..there were hints and stuff but the film nothing happened until the last 3 minutes! :x
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by bronzehairedmiracle »

The movie was good and the special effects were awesome. The biggest complaint I have is the scene where Dumbledore asks Harry about his relationship with Hermione, speculating whether there is a romance brewing there.Dumbledore was far too perceptive to have made this mistake of linking them both.
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by flutterbymonkeys` »

the first time i saw it was 2 days before it came out, at a special screening.
I loved the part when they were about to go into the place Slughorn was staying. Found harry's remark quite funny.
I HATED the burrow burning down. I sat there crying, whispering "that wasnt in the book!"
I jumped a foot in the air when the inferi came
The WHOLE theater was crying when dumbledore died. Any jokes made after that were not laughed at, because everyone was crying until the end.

The second time i saw it was saturday
Everytime Lavender came on i made a face. LOL it was fun
Was better because i noticed things i hadnt noticed the first time
I started crying when dumbledore was about to take Harry to the cave
I still jumped when the inferi came
didnt cry as much when dumbledore died. But i still cried.
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by 10cc »

I can't understand what all the fuss is about with Harry Potter movies. They might appeal to all younger people who have followed the series but there is too much hype incorporated into the series. Perhaps it is because I have watched the programmes on mobile broadband
and I have not appreciated the full scenario.
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

my sister dragged me to the latest one 5 TIMES!!!! i think i might scream if i see it one more time!! i love the rest of the movies and all that, but this drove me insane!!!
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by skinnybones4 »

The first time I went and saw it I was very offended. So much stuff was taken out so they could make up stuff. I think they could have fit everything in if they didn't make up alot of it.
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by pennybug84 »

I really liked the HP6 movie. It's been about 2 years sinceI've read the book and so I didn't remember a lot of what happened (just the major parts were in my memory) , and therefore couldn't spot many differences between book and movie. I loved how we got the comic relief (especially with Ron and Lavendar) and then the dark, drama, and sad parts. I hated having to see Dumbledore die. And then when Hermoine was talking to Harry about liking someone and she was crying, I felt so bad for her,I was crying along with her. I've only seen it once but I think it's my favorite of all the movies. I am definitely looking forward to seeing DH on the big screeen. And since it's 2 movies hopefully there won't be very much cut out.
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by Bobbblie »

I loved HBP more than the others. I found OOTP very annoying but I find Sirus annoying so that might be the reason. :lol: I can't wait for the dvd to come out as I really need to see it again soon. I just wish they would put all the extras on the stanard dvd as not everyone has a blur-ray player.
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by SweetRinny »

I still haven't seen the Half Blood Prince is it any good? it looks interesting from the previews :)
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Re: Harry Potter movies

Post by *Bloodlust* »

SweetRinny wrote:I still haven't seen the Half Blood Prince is it any good? it looks interesting from the previews :)
It's pretty freaking good!! Seriously, it's my favorite of the series. It's definitely worth watching :D
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