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Re: Recommended Music

Post by sarah-belle »

blasphemous_contessa wrote: And the Medic Droid if you like mindless noise to rock out to.
I love The Medic Droid. I cried when they broke up :[

Artist Vs.Poet
The Friday Night Boys
Runner Runner
School Boy Humor
The Morning Light
Love Is a Story
The Summer Set
Image Image
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by deven »

ok weellll i am into a lot harder stuff than i used to be into but i think it is waaay better then cry baby boy bands that i used to enjoy more...anyways my recommendations would be

-bring me the horizon
-pierce the veil
-drop dead, gorgeous
-fall from grace
-if you want more i got
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

Right now I'm into . . .

Amy Studt (but only her new stuff i.e. My Paper Made Men - it's so deep and muuuuch better than her poppy-rock era)
We Are The Ocean
The Spill Canvas
Rosie & The Goldbug
Kids in Glass Houses
Smashing Pumpkins
All Time Low (of course!)
You Me At Six (again of course!)
Bring Me The Horizon

Among other stuff.
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by bodysnatcher »

Bon Iver
I love his voice :)

rogue wave
i want every one of their songs to melt into my brain

regina spektor
probably the greatest lyricist of our generation

Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Best Movie Soundtrack. Ever.

Those are just off the top of my head :)
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by Jadey »

Im just gunna throw out there a few New Zealand artists.. look em up :P
^ im so cheesy.

Evermore (now living in Aussie, grr)
The Midnight Youth
Nesian Mystik
Elemeno P
The Feelers
Goodnight Nurse
^ by ForJazz
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by ♥midnight_sun♥ »

Some good bands:

I Am Ghost
Bowling For Soup
Simple Plan
Black Ghosts
Muse (duh!)
Panic at the Disco
Fall Out Boy
D12 (does anyone even remember them? They are from like around '04 but one of them died so they basically disbanded)
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by Lacuna Scion »

Adding to my previous list and I'll do this in some seemingly genre-related order. Because it's varied

Old School/Contemporary Pop/Rock/Alt hodgepodge?
  • Dave Matthews Band
    Pearl Jam
    Hit the Lights (I believe this one's been mentioned)
    Fleetwood Mac
    The Black Ghosts
    Laura Marling
    Killing Heidi

Bob Marley- Kind of his own little category isn't he?

Classical - mostly composers, most have done a soundtrack but all their stuff is good
  • Vicky Emerson
    Thomas Newman - did "Series of Unfortunate Events" soundtrack
    Craig Armstrong - did recent "Romeo & Juliet" soundtrack
    Yoko Kanno
    A.R. Rahman *if you check out any vids THIS is the one

Real Old School
  • The Roches
    Jethro Tull
    The Who
    Deep Purple
    The Clash

Um... Other, I guess
  • Jefferson Starship
    The Weavers
    Bernice Johnson Reagon

Sorry, I couldn't get vids for them all - I do have a life - but they're out there!

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Re: Recommended Music

Post by teamtylersvan »

I recommend Muse, Kimya Dawson, Evans Blue, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Bloc Party, and Arctic Monkeys, in case no one's mentioned them yet.
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

Definately 'Weightless' by All Time Low. AMAZING. <3 (:
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by sunnyshine »

I haven't read this entire thread yet so I don't know if someone already mentioned him but Ray LaMontagne is utterly amazing.

Lisa Hannigan is also a new addiction of mine.
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