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The Career of Johnny Depp

Post by Pel »

This is the thread to discuss the film/TV career of actor Johnny Depp.


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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by xMoonlightxTragedyx »

I Adore Johnny Depp.
He can play any type of character and portray it well.
Also he is a nice guy.
No matter how big he gets, he still remembers his roots and still does disney movies and such.
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by Edward's Vampheart »

I love Johnny Depp!
His acting skills are absoloutely amazing!
The few of his movies that I've seen are: POTC (All 3), Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands, Chocolat and Crybaby.

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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by Wish.I.may »

Let's see how many of his movies I've seen.
Sleepy Hollow
Sweeney Todd
Secret Window
Corpse Bride
Edward Scissorhands
Finding Neverland
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by Krystina the Alien »

I simply love Johnny Depp.

Especially in Sweeney Todd...I did not know he could sing that good, but he's awesome.

Plus, he's from Kentucky, which makes him even cooler. Like, he's the coolest thing to come from Kentucky since Colonel Sanders and his chicken.
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by nikie_nikz »

First off, the topic label has his name spelled wrong. It doesn't really matter though. Just pointing it out :P

Johnny Depp is, hands down, my favorite. He is such a versatile actor that can take on virtually any roll. The first move I ever saw him in was Cry Baby. I was only 5 when I watched it, but I was already obsessed.
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by cynb »

I had a roommate who was obsessed and I think we watched just about all of his movies. I think my top three faves by him are Benny and Joon (an older movie, but his character wants to be like Buster Keaton) he does a fanulous job, and it has two great songs in it. Finding Neverland, of course, my husband cried in that movie, althhough he won't admit it, and Pirates 1.
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by Elizabeth »

I loved Benny and Joon! What about What's Eating Gilbert Grape, he was brilliant in that film. Edward Scissorhands just showed us early on how versatile Johnny Depp can be with his appearance. I loved Don Juan Demarco, he was so eccentric! And the Ninth Gate was good, in the scary movie way. I remember watching Johnny Depp as a little girl on 21 Jump Street. I used to say "Jump 21 mama!" so I could watch Johnny.
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by kaitlyncullen »

i am obsessed. more than twilight, more than anything. johnny depp is my number one, always and forever. loolll. but for real, you guys should see my room. he's beautiful, intelligent, and an amazing actor. i just watched fear and loathing again last night, sooo good. and blow is also one of my favorite movies. and woah, anyone see him in chocolat? crap. =]
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Re: The Career of Johnny Dep

Post by Unwanted™ »

Hes definetly the best actor i've ever seen representing, best movie i've seen of him was Pirates of the Caribbean, when I first saw that can act. Ive seen Chocolate Factory, Scissor Hands Secret Window and this movie of him that almost noone has heard about , ' The Austronauts Wife ' , if any of you has seen that movie, please say because im starting to think i imagined it XD :D
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