Classical music

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Classical music

Post by Pel »

Ok! I am one of those that actualy listen to the classics like Beethoven, Vivaldi, Debussy,Schubert.
My favourite is Chopin (I'm a piano lover Embarassed ).

Sooooooooo...what is your favourite? Or, do you like clasic?
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Re: Classical music

Post by Amethyst1 »

my favourite is Debussy - claire de lune, le mer, arabesque <--- are my favourite compostions by him
Edward Cullen has great taste in music...

I love Debussy, has to be my favourite. i love the mood's of his songs, the soft keys against my ears...
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Re: Classical music

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

For me, every Sunday is classical Sunday. I only listen to classical. Nothing else, except a little Latin (Bebel Gilberto!)
My favorite would have to be Howard Shore. All because he composed the soundtrack for Lord Of The Rings.
In true classical, I like Bach's organ pieces the best.
My friends are amazed when I name a classical piece. They don't listen to it enough.
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Re: Classical music

Post by Celia~Ashe »

I'm defiinley a choral classical gal, so I tend to gravitate more towards the Bach cantatas, Mozart Opretta's, and almost any Schubert/Schuman.

Favorite is certainly Mozart. Le Nozze de Figaro is my FAVORITE opera. Especially for a Soprano like me.....those glorious runs and octave and up jumps....Makes me want to grab my sheet music just talking about it.

Organ music definitley is.....amazing. Especially if you get the chance to see it live. One of my friends is an organist at my local theater, so I've had that priveledge many a time. It's amazing, watching a skilled organist work his magic.

Minimalist music always got to me too. I know to most people it just doesn't sound right, and I feel that way a lot too, but listening to the layers (or lack therof), and knowing the backstory and theory behind it certianly helps.

I always had a soft spot for the percussion ection as well. Especially for the Marimba. A career hazard of hanging out with drummers, I guess. >.<

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Re: Classical music

Post by NolitaFairytale »

Ludovico Einuadi is probably one of my fave classical pianists of all time. Check out Le Onde, Primavera, and Andare. The songs seem to tell a story...

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Re: Classical music

Post by chessley_meyers »

Growing up my mom had me listen to classical, especially when I was taking piano lessons, so that I would maybe recognize some of the music I was playing. Although I didn't like it then, I've grown to really appreciate classical. I love listening to Mozart and Beethoven.

Recently, I've really leaned towards listening to "The Five Browns". They are three sisters and two brothers who were all trained at Juliard and they five part duets. I love trying to pick out the five different parts in their music, but its hard because it all flows together (That's my music-geekiness coming out). I love their arrangement of "Rhapsody in Blue".
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Re: Classical music

Post by bite-me »

I never use to appreciate classical as a young kid
I started to appreciate it more in my early teens.

I've always had a love of Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Achille Claude Debussy.
And about 3 years ago I was introduced to the brilliance of Giuseppe Tartini.
Elena Cullen
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Re: Classical music

Post by Elena Cullen »

I love Clair de Lune, my playcount is over 450 now.. that's just since November, when my play count was reset but i also love Chopin...anything Piano, really

if anyone has heard Yiruma and Brian Crain, they are my favorite "modern" composers...i simply love their songs
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Re: Classical music

Post by CastMeNotAway »

I ADORE Opera. I've yet to hear/see one I don't like!

I'm going to the Met in October with my dad to see Lucia di Lammermoor (my FAVORITE opera ever!) and I'm SO excited :D
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Re: Classical music

Post by Shannon »

Elena Cullen wrote:if anyone has heard Yiruma and Brian Crain, they are my favorite "modern" composers...i simply love their songs
I absolutely love Yiruma! My favorite songs are River Flows in You, Kiss The Rain, Love Me, Maybe, and Do you... if you haven't heard him, i'd suggest you go listen to him right now! you don't know what you are missing ,they are so beautiful and graceful and pretty
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