Regina Spektor

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Regina Spektor

Post by Pel »

Is anyone else like, completely in love with her?

Some of her songs are so odd, I love it. Her voice has something in it that I've never heard of before, and it's lovely. I heard about her from the Dresden Dolls' MySpace, and decided to look her up. She's getting kind of popular lately, though, isn't she?

Anyway, I'm obsessed with Raindrops right now. Some other honorable mentions would have to be Daniel Cowman, Lacrimosa, Back of a Truck, Oedipus, The Flowers, Ne Me Quitter Pas, Apres Moi, That Time, Us, and many many more.

I'm so jealous, 'cause my friend gets to go see her soon, and I'm all like, "Rawr, no fair." 'Cause she heard of Regina from me! Sad Boo.
Elena Cullen
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Elena Cullen »

ah yes! I was listening to a CD my friend burned me which had some of her songs, my mom and dad istened to a few of them and we were all enjoying it...her voice is really nice, and different....refreshing. and some of her songs are a little out there, which makes them even more refreshing!
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by NolitaFairytale »

Omigosh, I love Regina Spektor. Even though the lyrics are sometimes a bit weird, the music itself is very soothing, and chock full of emotion. I personally love The Call (the song that played at the end of Prince Caspian), Somedays, and Better.

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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Iris Messenger »

I have her album "Begin to Hope" and also "The Call"

I am in love with Apre Moi, as well as Samson, On the Radio, and Hotel Room.

Her songs have lyrics that make me have to think about them, which is why i like her CD. <--- fanfiction/twilight blog <--- twilight chat
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

I'm listening to her right now!
"Ode to Divorce"
Once I put Dresden Dolls on my Pandora, she popped up too. I like her! She has a good voice.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by emilycullenx »

NolitaFairytale, I absolutely fell in love with that song! The Call!
Prince Caspian was amazing, and they chose the best song to end it with.
That song actually reminds me a lot of Twilight. (:
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by BeautifulVeins »

Samson is such a beautiful song. It makes me cry. Her older stuff is really awesome, kinda blue-sy. I really like her voice and her lyrics are really deep and meaningful.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Amethyst1 »

I downloaded a few of her songs yesterday because everyone says she's sosososooooo good. I am INLOVE with her lyrics but the way she sings them is well...odd O_o
haha, i think i'll eventaully be able to love her songs. she has a lovely voice though...
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Apple »

i adore regina spektor. she is so quirky and strange, her music is literally like nothing else i have ever heard. i especially love "consequence of sound" and of course "fidelity"
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Liz »

I'm a huge Regina Spektor fan. Got to see her live a few years ago, and she was awesome, of course. Begin to Hope is my favorite...

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