Regina Spektor

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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by LisaAnn »

I haven't heard of any of her other songs, but I adore Samson. It's such a pretty song.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Liz »

I'm sure you'll love the entire album, or at least most of it. It's awesome!!!

by the way - is my avatar showing up? People are telling me it's jacked up...sigh. Anyway, I'm pretty sure youtube has a cool video to Fidelity - one of my favs!!!

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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by MCullz »

The Call is DEF my favorite Regina Spektor song.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by treebeard »

I love Regina Spektor! I think my favourite song is the live version of Field Below. Her stamping her foot on the ground :D She's so amazing.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Court »

i love fidelity, and the video is just awesome, great eye candy
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by singleduetoedward »

Awww I love her! She's so different from all other musicians. Is she Russian? I thought I heard that somewhere. Fidelity and Better are of my life set to words. Love her lyrics so much.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by maggiepants »

oooh, I absolutely adore Regina! She's so kooky and adorable. Her songs, while beautiful, are also just plain fun. I've pretty much worn out Begin to Hope, my favorite song being Samson. Yes, she is Russian. She actually sings some in Russian during Apres Moi (I think its that song).

I remember seeing her on Conan quite a while back, performing Fidelity. It was amazing...You could tell Conan was really really impressed when she was done. It was cute. :D
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Lieziewiezie »

Oooh I love love love Regina. Too many good songs to pick one.
I just got really estatic when I heard the song Regina made with Ben Folds. Seriously I love those two so much, and then hearing them togheter = heaven.
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by bodysnatcher »

i absolutely LUUUURRRVE "hotel song" "samson" and "better"

<33regina spektor is awesome. :D
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Re: Regina Spektor

Post by Remmett_Until_Dusk »

I love Regina Spektor.

My favourite song by her is 'The Call' - you know, the one they used for the soundtrack of the C.S. Lewis Prince Caspian movie.

the lyrics are so sweet and the melody is sweeter.
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