Snow Patrol--The band

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Snow Patrol--The band

Post by Pel »

Ok, so Snow Patrol is definately one of my favorite bands. I have their CD Eyes Open and it is absolutely amazing! I also like some of their older songs, and now they have a new song Signal Fire from Spider-Man 3 that I am already in love with. So, what does everyone else think of Snow Patrol, and what are some of your favorite songs?

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Re: Snow Patrol--The band

Post by beforever »

snow patrol is great! i heard Run on the radio after Final Straw came out and loved it. and then of course they got big with greys anatomy (which was fine) and i fell in love with their music all over again. anyways Snow Patrol is an awesome band!!! :D :D

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Re: Snow Patrol--The band

Post by Amethyst1 »

*screams* i LOVE.snow.patrol!
their song 'racing cars' is favourite. the song is too sad *sigh*
i am a die-hard-snow patrol fan.
Eyes Open is my favourite album as well - i have all the songs from that album.

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Re: Snow Patrol--The band

Post by Junsui »

Love Snow Patrol. Got my little sisters hooked on them actually 8-). Just angsty enough without being depressing. Perfect for long drives...

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Re: Snow Patrol--The band

Post by Wish.I.may »

I'm just getting into them, actually.
Hands Open and Chasing Cars are my favorites.
Chasing Cars is so swoonworthy.
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Re: Snow Patrol--The band

Post by Shannon »

Chasing Cars and Open Your Eyes are my favorites

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Re: Snow Patrol--The band

Post by spookybell »

never heard of them but thank you all for having proper size banners!
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