Have you met a Celebrity?

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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by SpiiderMonkey »

Jacob Hoggard from Hedley, gah he's yummy..
Got a hug and a signature.. love him!
-And, by the way, I adore you...in frightening, dangerous ways.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Chadley »

Stephenie Meyer, for one. ;)

I also had an amazing meet and greet with my fave band, Hanson, which resulted in them calling my principal a bum, getting a signature from each and even two from my favorite Hanson brother, and 2 handshakes.

I then also talked to Krys (Embry) on the phone after winning a contest he had.

...so, I guess I've met/talked to a lot. :D
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by urcoolcarrie »

The only real celebrity experience I've had was with Stephenie Meyer, when she was on her The Host tour. It was abolutely AMAZING!! She is sooo nice, and genuine. She kept thanking everyone for everything, and she answered a ton of questions for us. Then, of course, I went up and got my book signed. :) That was so cool. She complimented my shirt :D and I told her how much I loved her writing and thanked her for coming out to salt lake. She was very nice and smiled back and said "you are very welcome. Thank YOU."

Oh, then I touched Faith Hill's hand...I guess that might count for something. :)
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by EdwardandJacob »

I have met Jesse McCartney once, when I had backstage passes.
But something that's more exciting is that I actually am friends with 2 mini celebrities!
They are Victoria Justice and Matthew Underwood both from Nickelodeon's Zoey101. They are named Lola and Logan. We first met in Toronto's Downtown Mall Eaton Center. It was amazing. My friend met Victoria and her mom, and then she brought us to meet her too. And I got to hug Matthew and Victoria! It was awesome! :D I still keep in touch with them every few months or so. It's cool because Lola and Logan know Zoey and Zoey's Britney Spears' sister. It'd be so cool if i met Britney Spears! But too bad she lives in L.A :(
I don't care. Still, I have celebrity friends! <3
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by mz.cullenn »

edwardlikeshaystacks wrote:From what I can remember I've met:
-the Jonas Brothers (3 times!)
I'm so jealous! Haha. If I met Nick...I-I..*Shakes head*
Annabanana wrote:I've met basshunter XD
Really? That is so awesome!

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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Miista Cullen »

Nena wrote:Have you met a celebrity? When? How? Tell us your story :)
Indeed I have me celebrities ^_^

Nicky Webstar at robina when I was like 6. I snuck behind the curtains and I saw her walk past me. I was dazzled by her smell :lol:

Then Scandalous at Robina again. I squeezed under the gate to get their autographs. I was like 6.

Sophie Monk. She wasn't as well mentioned back in the days, but she is now.

Ricki-Lee. She and my dad used to sing together and trained my older sister for the Gold Coast Youth Alive competition.

Pip and Dan from Toasted tv. It's an Australian show, so you might not know them.

And probably others I forgotten. But it's such a thrill to meet them, ^_^
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by thespookyoldtree »

I served coffee to Gena Davis when I worked at Starbucks in LA. Yeah, not the most exciting story. :?
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by twi-nerd »

Believe it or not,
I was in some sort of cheerleading thing when I was nine and we did a parade and when we went to the park I actually met,

Danny Trejo.
The guy that plays their uncle Machete in Spy Kids. He's actually a nice guy. My mom met the guy from the radio.
El Cucuy de la manana.
He's Fransia Raisa's dad. The one that plays Adrienne in Secret life of the american teenager.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by maddy<3twilight »

Wow a lot of people have met Stephenie Meyer. I wish I could be one of them.
I am still wishng to meet Taylor or Rob! :lol:
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

Never met a celebrity, but one of my teachers's daughter is Joslyn Pennywell from ANTM cycle 11, and I have a packet of mustard that has been in the same room as Brad Paisley, Dierks Bently, and Darius Rucker. :lol:
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