Have you met a Celebrity?

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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by twi-nerd »

lucky!! I wish I could meet him. He's my inspiration to be a vegan.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by emilycullenx »

my mum and i met Dawn from Fireflight. mum just casually strolled over to her and started talking about their next CD. i was like "LOL MUM." she has the most gorgeous blue eyes.
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Fishing with Charlie
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by twi-nerd »


I think I met Brandy the RB singer. I don't know why. I just think I do.
My favorite band Pierce the Veil. I LOVE VIC FUENTES!! Thank you so much Chloe for the banner.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by rapidheartbeat<3twi »

Ok, anyone ever heard of Michael Blake? He's an author . . . he wrote Dances With Wolves . . . the movie with Kevin Costner that won a ton of awards . . . ring any bells? Well, if you have heard of him, I'd be kind of surprised, but I met him. And got his autograph.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Everyone in bold is added/updated

Stephenie Meyer(x2)
William Beckett
Michael Guy Chislett
Mike Carden
The Butcher
Adam T. Siska (x2)
Jack the Camera Guy
Alex Gaskarth
Jack Barakat (x2)
Rian Dawson
Zack Merrick
David(Every Avenue) (x2)
Jimmie(Every Avenue) (x2)
Derek Sanders
Gabriel Saporta
Ryland Blackington (x2)
Vicky-T Asher (x2)
Nate Novarro (x2)
Alex Suarez (x2)
Pat Brown (x6)
Nate Flynn (x7)
Ben Peterson (x6)
Kevin (Hit The Lights) [x5]
Omar (Hit The Lights) [x4]
Austin Bello (x2)
Travis Clark
John Ohhh (x6)
Kennedy Brock (x6)
Garrett Nickelsen (x6)
Jared Monaco (x6)
Pat Kirch (x6)
Alex Marshall
Ian Crawford (x2)
Sierra (VersaEmerge) [x4]
Blake (VersaEmerge) [x3]
Anthony (VersaEmerge) [x4]
Maika Maile (x2)
Kieren Smith (x5)
Sickboy (x5)
Andy (This Providence)
Daniel (This Providence) [x2]
David (This Providence)
Gavin (This Providence) [x2]
Bobby (The Morning Light) [x2]
Andy (The Morning Light) [x2]
Matt (The Morning Light) [x2]
Nick (The Morning Light) [x2]
Andrew (The Friday Night Boys) [x2]
Robbie (The Friday Night Boys) [x2]
Mike (The Friday Night Boys) [x2]
Chris (The Friday Night Boys) [x2]
Brian (The Summer Set) [x2]
Jess (The Summer Set) [x2]
John (The Summer Set) [x2]
Josh (The Summer Set) [x2]
Christopher Drew
Caleb Turman (x2)
Jonathan Cook (x2)
Kyle Burns (x2)
Kent Garrison
Marc Stewart
Jerry (VersaEmerge) [x3]
Devin (VersaEmerge) [x2]
Nick Santino (x5)
Sean (3OH!3) [x3]
Nat (3OH!3)
Nick (Hit The Lights) [x3]
Nathan (Hit The Lights) [x2]
Eric (A Rocket To The Moon) [x3]
Justin (A Rocket To The Moon) [x3]
Soul Glow (Family Force 5)
Stephen (The Summer Set)
Tarcy (Artist Vs Poet)
Joe K (Artist Vs Poet)
Craig (Artist Vs Poet)
Jason (Artist Vs Poet)
Joe W (Artist Vs Poet)
Alex DeLeon
Alex Johnson
Mike Gentile
Alex Lipshaw
Joe Trohman
Matt Flyzik
Martin Johnson
Bryan Donahue
John Keefe
Paul DiGiovanni
Chris Kamrada
Christian (There For Tomorrow)
Jay (There For Tomorrow)
Craig Owens
Dave (Phone Calls From Home)
Jeff (Phone Calls From Home)
Zack (Phone Calls From Home)
Matt (Every Avenue)
Josh (Every Avenue)
Sam (Cash Cash)
JP (Cash Cash)
Anthony (Cash Cash)
Alex (Cash Cash)
Alex (Sparks The Rescue)

I really need to organize this list.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by clumsy_bella »

littlelamb wrote: Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman (aka Coldplay)
I envy you. Coldplay is my absolute favorite band :D Were you at one of their concerts?
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by themeadow »

emilycullenx wrote:I was at AgapeFest08, and my friend and I met Eleventyseven, 'cause they have a signing table.
They were really funny; my friend was all "DUDE. AREN'T YOU COLD? IT'S FREEZING AND YOU'RE WEARING SUMMER CLOTHES..."
(And this is horrible how I don't know their names...) but the guy she said that to was just insanely goofy. He's like, "NO WAY I LOVE FREEZING." Or something like that. I was like... "LOL :DDDDD!!"
I love his voice....
Haha I met Eleventyseven like 4 years ago. I was volunteering at Shoutfest and got to hang with them for a bit. Nice guys :) .
Lets see...

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Disciple (x 3)
Seventh Day Slumber
Big Dismal
12 Stones
Krystal Lewis
Until June
One of the guys from Avalon (forget which one)
I totally road the same elevator with one of the guitarists from Blindside <3.
And a bunch of random local bands.

I think thats it.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by i am bella »

i looked back at when i had posted and i forgot to put other people besides danity kane!
ive met that guy from americas most wanted whos son died and they just found out who did it, i cant remember his name right now....john something? he signed a polo ball from the game he played in while we were up in saratoga, we have a pic but its on facebook so i cant link to it =/
i also am fairly good friends with ebgb (myspace.com/ebgbmusic<-it wont let me make it a link, just type that in, easy enough :lol: ), a somewhat famous rapper, i dont know if id consider him a celebrity, but hes a really good rapper and i think hes gonna be pretty dang famous when hes done with music business school in florida
i feel like ive met someone else....but i cant think of who....
i know ive met a ton of famous skaters from a few years ago cuz they used to do shows at the club i was part of
oh! elliot! from jordans! :lol: he was at one of our jordans and he let us get pics and stuff
other than that, just sports people probably
if i think of anyone more ill head back over!
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by openfire »

♥midnight_sun♥ wrote:I have only met one celebrity but, I don't call him a celebrity because its Robert Pattinson!
Wow!! I am incredibly jealous of you!! That sounds like such a cool way to meet him!
My friend thought she saw him a couple months ago...she says she recognised his teeth :lol: :lol:

I've met a bunch of folk from Buffy and Angel, if any you guys watch them? I've met:
Amber Benson (Tara) (who is like the nicest person ever!!)
Andy Hallet (Lorne) (again, so nice! He sang and everything :D )
Vincent Kartheiser (Connor) (who I LOVE!! I think he is gorgeous!! So when I met him, I was prolly drooling all over him... :lol: )
J. August Richards (Gunn) (hot hot hot lol)
Julie Benz (Darla) & Clare Kramer (Glory)
Keith Szarabajka (Holtz)
Christain Kane (Lindsey)
Plus a few extras and set people. They were all very nice :)
Oh and I was supposed to meet James Marsters (Spike) but he cancelled :( When he rescheduled, I was on holiday so couldn't go!

I've also met Juilett Lewis, and I think only people in the UK will get this (and even then maybe not LOL) Leon Jackson, who won the X Factor (he lives in my town) and Chris Fountain (the guy from Hollyoaks, who was on Dancing on Ice).

But my best meeting story is - does any of you like a band called silverchair? They are my favourite band, and in 2003, I was in London seeing them live. Me and this guy were there queuing to get in about 2pm-ish (cos we wanted to get to the front lol), and these people came over and asked if we liked the band. By this point, there was maybe about 10-15 folk waiting outside the venue, and the folk said they were from Kerrang (music mag in the UK). And they wanted to know if we wanted to go meet and interview the band for the magazine!! Which was the coolest thing!
So we went to this hotel, and got to sit with Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou and just talk to them for over an hour! After the magazine had finished with questions and pics and stuff, we got to stay and get autographs and personal photos and stuff!

It was the best day!! :D :D :lol:

ps. sorry for the giant post LOL
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Hyvanna »

Wow! your all lucky, I'v only "Seen" two in my whole life corse livein in a smalltown in the middle of cornfeild ya never see much. When I was 14 or 15 "John Cougar Melancamp" was filming his moive "Falling from Grace" an I got to see him from a distance, wasn't planed just I grow up in a small town next to the small town he grow up in :D
Then we lived in NewHampshir it may have been durnig a trip to main to sitesee cant member, an we seen "Stephen King" or a VERRY DANG good look-a-like :lol: didnt stop him an ask just he came in looked at us had a shocked look then smiled an disapeared throw other door, he was gone by time me an my sister-in-law looked at eatch other an said was that? no OMG it was. That was about 10 or more years ago.
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