Have you met a Celebrity?

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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Edwards Wheels »

I've met a few, due to my job..
Sting and Trudy Styler
Tracey Ulman
Roger Taylor (Queen)
Roger Black
Jeremy Irons
David Bailey
David Gower
Edward and James Fox

Most of them were exceptionally nice, especially Tracey Ulman :)
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by SwanCullen »

I've met the guys in the band 12 Stones (AWESOME rock band from Lousiana) I 'sorta' met Kevin from the Backstreet Boys, Several Christian music artist, and Jessica Simpson.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Jestak »

Watching so much of the World Cup the past few weeks made me remember someone else I once knew. In high school, I had a couple of classes with a guy who had been born in Argentina and moved to the US as a teen; his name was Andres Cantor. Some years later, I found myself watching a Spanish-language soccer broadcast, and who should the play-by-play man turn out to be but my old schoolmate. Andres eventually became fairly well known in the US as a soccer announcer; he was especially famous for his exuberant cries of "Goooooaaaalllllll!!!" whenever anyone scored--a very common broadcast style in Latin America which he introduced to the US.

Since I've moved away from Southern California, I've missed having access to Spanish-language broadcasts (with Andres announcing) of the World Cup. The announcers on ESPN and ABC all seem to feel a need to yammer on and on about things other than the action on the field. Andres, on the other hand, always focused on the action. In particular, he always told you whoever was on the ball. If I'm watching soccer on TV, that's what I want to know most of all.

Here is a short clip from a US-Mexico match where you can here one of Andres' signature "Goooaaalll" announcements.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by fertarno »

I met Jared Leto a few years ago and the rest of his band 30 Seconds To Mars at a gig of theirs. he was lovely :D
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

I have been lucky to meet a lot of the twilight stars. So much to tell. I started going to meet the cast because Jackson was close by and my daughter liked twilight so much. I thought it would be a nice experience for her. I asked her if she wanted to meet Jackson and she said yes. I asked her if she wanted to write him a letter and she said yes again. At the age of 4 I taught my daughter how to write and her first letter was to Jackson. Too bad I was new at this and didn't think to put a return address until a yr. later and about 6 letters later. I even brought my three month old. Jackson was nice. He signed the book to my daughter. I was not in awe at all surprisenly. Not until I decided I wanted something from him signed. I checked my car and found the book from Catherine Hardwick. I got back in line and not only did he remember us 3 hrs. later, but he remembered our names. He smiled so big that was it for me. I was hooked, yet again. From there we met Peter. Again, so so nice. He called her a vampire treat. I have been to the Today Show and I have talked to and met Taylor, Rob, and Kristen. I have met Taylor and Rob twice there. One time I did bring my daughter and my then 12 month old. 40 degree weather. They were troupers. I think it was the first time my son cried and no lie he stopped a sec. before Rob came out. And was quite the whole time he was out. I have been lucky enough to watch Rob for about three hrs. while he was on set filming RM. I have met Kellan Lutz twice. Once with my daughter. This time no baby. He is walking now and way too hard. Kellan remembers me, which is nice, but only because his pic with my daughter ended up in People Magazine. Wonderful that he tweeted her after he met her. We have met the wolf pack and they were so nice to her. She was scared when she met them. When they heard that the people at the convention was letting us come back the next day, without a ticket to try again to see if she would take a pic with them they did pink swears with her that she would take the pic. She didn't though, but she did with Eddie or I should say Laurent. The younger wolf pack member were nice to. I think it was Bronson who commented on her laugh. Tinsel seemed really nice. Nikki, like all the cast has a wonderful smile. I only got to talk to her for a sec. I am sure I missing someone, but these are the ones I remember. I never got my pic. with Rob or Kristen because I was concentrating on getting my daughter's letter to them, but Rob didn't understand I was giving him a letter from my daughter so he signed the paper I gave him. He looked confused when I refused the piece of paper and told him it was from my daughter. It has been a struggle to get my daughter close to Rob to say hi. There will be more chances. I am up for the challenge, but the excitement isn't calming down and was a little too much for her. My goal is to get her close enough to say hi to Rob or to at least get a letter to her. I finally remembered to include our address, but nothing yet. Well I Loved reading everyone's experiences. I hope to have more to write about and share.
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Re: Have you met a Celebrity?

Post by Shadow_Wolf »

I've been fortunate enough to (over the course of their last two tours) meet Emppu Vuorinen, Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala, Floor Jansen, Jukka Nevalinen, and Troy Donockley (known collectively as Nightwish) and a few members of their crew. They were all so down to earth, and it was honestly humbling to have the opportunity to thank them for their work.
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