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Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:59 am
by VolturiGirl
Ok, so I know I am WAY behind everyone else here. I just finished the first season of TVD. OMG!! I have to say that out of everyone, Damon is my favorite. He's so complex. He kind of reminds me of Darth Vador: tough on the outside, but a good guy on the inside.) I figured out that their was something wierd with the mayor's son (can't remember his name.)

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:35 pm
by cullengirl
Welcome VolturiGirl! A lot of us are Damon fans :swoon: , but there are a few Stefan fans as well. All are welcome!

The mayor's son is Tyler, who is starting to grow on me. I wonder what will happen to his storyline.

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:26 pm
by rapid_reader1
Sorry these questions are sooooo late!

1. How much did Elena's adopted parents know about the supernatural world? What was their role (meaning, did they hunt vampires/werewolves, or did they keep those weapons around for protection)?
2. Are there secret rooms with weapons/protection at the Gilbert house in Mystic Falls?
3. What will happen to Jalaric when Jenna confronts Ric about Isobel?
4. What do you like/not like about John Gilbert's character? Who's side is he really on?
5. What do you think about Tyler and his decision to leave Mystic Falls with Jules? What do you think/hope will happen in his future?
6. Vampires vs Werewolves - how will their past affect their future?
7. Who's side were you on in the Stefan/Elena argument? What do you think about Elena's decision?
8. How do you feel about the Bonnie/Jeremy relationship? Will it last? Can witches turn into vampires?
9. Now that Elijah's true plan is out in the open, who will act first? How will this end?
10. Discussion/comments/questions. Oh, and when will we finally see Klaus!?

Just two episodes to go until another long break! Enjoy them!

Promo for The Dinner Party!

Webclip for The Dinner Party!

Many thanks to Ian Somerhalder for tweeting this picture of the title of episode 17 (Know Thy Enemy), which they are currently filming.

Tonner Doll Company has TVD dolls! See Damon, Stefan, and Elena dolls! Very cool!

All TVD synopsis are here. :)

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Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:58 pm
by The Real Edward Cullen
Renesme LOVES this show! She is absolutely heartbroken that this season is coming to an end. Jake, of course, can't stand it, so she and I watch it together for some father/daughter time. I have to keep from laughing at the way they portray vampires, but I do enjoy all the drama. Bella joins us sometimes, but she simply rolls her eyes at the males, saying they have nothing on me.

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:30 pm
by funkidiva
I fell a little sorry for Tyler in the most recent episode - he is trying to come to terms with everything, his friends get hurt in the process... Finally with Bonnie and Jeremy!! The torture scene with Damon was a bit nasty, bless him!

The bit before the actual show telling you what has happened previously makes me laugh - it is so long as so much has happened and it will only get longer I imagine :)

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:36 am
by clpviolet
OMG!! Tonight's episode was awesome!! :swoon: I was on the edge of my seat and screaming at every commercial break.....and thank god for DVR's. I have just recently discovered their awesomeness....I don't want to watch tv without one. I love fast forwarding through all that crap.....and just a few plot point questions and comments......Can't they just cut off Elijah's head?? and keep it separated from his body??(keeping the dagger in the body of course) and bury them both miles apart?? I think its that witches fault what happened to Luca. Elijah can't come back they've killed him to many times!!!LMAO :lol: and the last scene?!?! OMG!!! Alaric is in big trouble now....I think we are getting closer to the truth coming out for everyone.....Oh and Matt I was so scared for him, :o thank goodness Caroline is such a level headed vamp!!! Oh and loved that scene with Stefan and Elena at the very begining ;) :swoon: !!!

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Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:44 am
by funkidiva
I turned over to ITV2 on Tuesday night at 9pm as usual (UK) only to find Vampire Diaries wasnt on! Has the latest season finished or something?

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:51 am
by funkidiva
Episode 16 The House Guest I think was the last one shown in the UK and wondered why no more have been shown... What was the last episode everyone saw last on TV?

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:49 pm
by rapid_reader1
I haven't been on in ages!

Sorry for the lack of discussion questions!

Lots more has happened in the TVD world, of course :D

See all synopsis through episode 19 (Klaus) here. Look here to see the newest promo video, featuring scenes from at LEAST the next three episodes! You can find all season two (including at least one new) promo posters here. See all the screencaps for new TVD episodes here.

Re: Vampire Diaries --TV series

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:15 am
by myra
vampire diaries.. best part of vd is damon for sure :swoon:
i like nina(playing elena) she's good

waiting eagerly for saeson2 episode 17.... :|

and tyler's a werewolf very different from jacob though..