Cam Gigandet as James

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Cam Gigandet as James

Post by Pel »

A place to discuss Cam
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by leahlovetwilight »

why would you pick someone so hot
when he just dies?
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by mlola619 »

^^ XD tell me about it! *sigh* Cam, Cam.....phenomenal actor. I must say i'm dying to see him portray James- from what i've seen of the film he's spot on. Definitely a baddie favorite in my book.
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by AliceLauren »

Hm. I saw Never Back Down like yesterday with my friend and her older sister (we are all Twilight obsessed fans) and when I saw Cam in that movie I freaked out and choked on my spit. ha ha true... But they were like "WHAT?!" and then I told them that that was Cam who played James, and they were all excited.

But i always thought that James was ugly. Well Cam is pretty hot so idk anymore.
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by kimmeygirl »

omg. I love Cam. He's a great actor and he pulls off the evil look really well in the movie clips I've seen. There is only one thing I'm upset about. He has to die :cry: If I was Bella I wouldn't mind being killed by him lol. I'm really excited to see him fighting against Edward. Two sexy guys fighting until one of them dies *swoon* I can't wait!
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by eizel »

One word: HOT
too bad he died too soon :(
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by somnium »

Ok so IRL Cam doesn't seem like James (atleast not in the interviews) but in the trailers and the ballet studio scene! WOW!!! He's just so EVIL... so James-like.

I love it!
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by Venecettia »

He doesn't look like how I imagined James, but in the Ballet studio scene, that was some awesome James acting. Personally, I thought James wasn't good looking, and Cam looks way better than how I imagined James.
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by xoxocamille »

Cam Gigandet.

Where do I even begin...
Well, for starters, he has a lovely French last name.
*says with French accent* Gi-gan-det. Ooooh. I love.

Cam is totally fitting in the role of James! Omg, he is like, totally menacing, with the eyes, the swagger--everything. He really pulled it off. Although James is described as an 'ordinary looking' vampire, I love Catherine's idea of making the nomadic vampires look like total rockstars! He looked so hot in that one picture wearing just a jacket, and then his abs were all over.... *drools* I think that when I watch this movie, I would be drooling over him rather than being scared, being that he is playing James. LOL.

And ohmygoodness. Did anyone see him in Comic-Con? Asides from Rob or Taylor, Cam was dashing. In the interviews, it seemed to me like he really knew the essence of the book--he even read it 2months prior being cast as James! I think that's just awesome. Even though I'm crying over the fact that he has a girlfriend, I can't hate her because she did introduce him to Twilight. Cam is awesome, he seems so down-to-earth, chill, and sounds really intelligent during the interviews! He doesn't stutter the way Rob or Kristen does, but nevertheless, I kinda wish he never dies in Twilight. I might just start crying after Edward kills him in the ballet scene. LOL.

Cam Gigandet is the shiz! LOL. :mrgreen:
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by Miss Vengeance »

It's a shame they cast someone as good looking as Cam to play the part. Especially since he just dies. Plus, isn't he supposed to be...not so good looking? Oh well. :lol:

He's an awesome actor who has a pretty tight background involving mixed martial arts. The role of James is a pretty physical part, so it suits him well. And from what I'm aware of, he did all of his own stunts except for the floor board scene.
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