Cam Gigandet as James

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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by Edward's Vampheart »

Cam is absoloutely gorrgeous!

It truly is a shame that he dies in Twilight.

Can't wait to see Cam shirtless on the big screen! One of the many unexpected perks of the Twilight movie!

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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by teamswitzerland »

hehee. in the movie, alice beheaded james. :lol:
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by samajama »

perfect pick, i think. and as much as i like him with long hair....its supposed to be cropped short (laurent, too) and yet, they both have long hair in the movie. argh. :?
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by menner »

I was flipping through the channels, and I came accross the OC and Cam on it. Man, that guy can act! I was indifferent before, now I'm stoked that he is playing James. He plays such a good bad guy! Even my husband (who doesn't like the OC or Twilight) approves of his acting...that is shocking!
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by WishIWasACullen »

Cam was one of the few people that I initially felt were casted correctly. (As a note, I love all of them now, for the most part) From day one I have had NO qualms whatsoever about Cam playing James. And after seeing bits and pieces of his performance in Twilight via trailers and short clips, I am even more convinced that he is perfect. He's just one of those people who plays the bad guy SOOOO good. I love to hate him, whether or not it's because he acts well or just because he's pretty gosh darn hot is completely besides the point.... Perfect casting there...way to go!!
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by G-Faerie08 »

I am not really feeling Cam's hair though as James. Yeah I think he makes a GREAT James, but the hair looks too fake to me. I know wigs and extensions sometimes work that way, but it could look a little bit more realistic..

Hair or no hair, Cam is still H-O-T!!!!!
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by silvo_volvo_stalker »

Cam works perfectly as James, he is so scary expecially when he says ' You brought a snack'! Although he is scary he is still hot and i think he fills the description in the book perfectly. I dont what you guys think but he is pretty much exactly how i imagined him. To start off with he was one of the characters i was perfectly happy with. Now i like them all! :D
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by stupidlamb »

ugh sooo beautiful!!

i read on stephenie meyer's website that she saw Never back down and got so excited because cam acts a lot like james in that movie. i had to watch it and she's totally right! too bad he has to die :(
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by Lunna-san »

I never really got a nice picture of James, but Cam really impressed on the trailler. He has this bad boy vibe and he's so gorgeous! I'm really happy with him in the cast.
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Re: Cam Gigandet as James

Post by Lynzeee »

he is smoking.. need i say more really?
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