Ashley Greene as Alice

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by bite_me »

just like cullen_kissez - don't kill me either!

i didn't think she was actually that perfect. I mean, she was good, but not fantastic. She wasnt pixie enough for me.

Did love the bit where she smells bella though. :lol:
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by BeSafe »

As Alice is one of my favorites I was worried that I wouldn’t like her in the movie but im glad to say I was wrong. Ashley was perfect in the role. If anything I am now an even bigger Alice fan :D
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by littlelamb »

I thought Ashley was great in the role. Her voice and movements were perfect. I really loved when she was pitching in the baseball game and had her little dancer leg move going on! It was SOOOO Alice. I think her hair should have been shorter to help with the pixie image but other than that I thought she embodied her character quite well.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by JodeenSings »

I thought Ashley was so KA as Alice - I can't wait to see her in NM.
And . . . she stuck up for TL as Jacob in an interview - classy!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by sachael »

she really reminded moe of marion raven if i see her on long locks.. ... aven01.jpg

only thing that i think is wrong abt greene is her height.. she's too tall for alice.. but i thnk she did great..
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

I thouhgt she was PERFECT as Alice. She wasn't as short as I would have liked, but she did possess a pixie like quality. From how she walked, very graceful and ballet like as to how she pointed her foot while pitching-all her movements were spot on like littlelamb said . All these little details screamed Alice to me. Plus, she was very upbeat and lovable- just like Alice.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Lunna-san »

Peeerrrrfect. All bubbly, graceful and pixie like. I imagined Alice's hair shorter, but she looks very pretty there. I loved her ballerina moves. I wished there was more of her in scene.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by LadyViolet »

Now that i have finally seen the film i can say that Alice was spot on, her voice, the way she moved were just like i'd imagined i only wish she had got more lines it felt like she spoke about 5 or 6 times during the entire film.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Celestial_Topaz »

With her pixielike haircut, Ashley looks exactly as I had imagined Alice in the book. I'm sure she'll do a great job in the movie. ^^
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by harlz93 »

I imagined Alice exactly like Ashley. Probably the cast member who was most accurate to my original ideas from reading the book. I loved her voice as well.
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