Ashley Greene as Alice

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by psugar »

SwitzerlandXGirl7 wrote:I love Ashley! she's so cute lol. Her voice is exactly how i imagened and in her interveiw she was really funny like how i imagend alice, when asked about the vamps v.s harry potter she said,"Oh Yeah! We'd totally kick their a$$es" lol Perfect! but my friend said she pictured Alice like Asian :?: :| i was confused
I love here to death, she is everything I thought Alice would be and more. I loved that part "Oh yeah we'd totally kick their *****!".
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by LionandLamb123 »

I don't think they could have picked a better Alice!!! :D I think Ashley Greene is perfect, her personality is even like Alice :D
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Le-Petit-Mort »

Ashley is the perfect Alice. The wig is just a little bit longer than I was expecting, but it still looks cool. :)
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Caitlin... »

i think ashley green will make a perfect Alice, just how i pitcured her.
tho now i will have to find some on her work and watch it.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by suziecue95 »

I totally agree with you all! shes perfect!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by AliceLove »

Yeah, couldn't have found a person more like Alice! Love her hair too... :D

Thanks ilovetwilight!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Fudg3y »

I think Ashley'll make an amazing Alice - the whole hair thing clinched it for me... before she cut it, I wasn't sure if she'd be good, probably because I couldn't picture her.

Also, is she short??
Alice is supposed to be the shortest of the Cullens, isn't she?

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by RussetRose♥ »

I don't like Ashley as Alice, I jsut don't think that she is short enough or perky enough.

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by JasperH »

I think that Ashley is the perfect Alice. I give her major props for cutting her hair so short. I had to cut my hair short once and it was horrible. She is my exact image of Alice right down to the voice.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Mrs.Cullen1710 »

Its so Great! she is exactly how i pictured Alice :mrgreen:
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