Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by Edward_Addict » Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:04 pm

Ok so as the lovely Kristiner pointed out, for some reason that last link in my pic story didn't turn up. So here is that last part again in case you missed it.

[On NEW MOON set]

Jackson (to self): I'm pretty sure I saw someone with a camera walking around here somewhere... a-ha, there he is! Once again, smile and act like you're perfectly happy with this ridiculous British gentleman-looking wig. Oh sweet Jesus, how I miss my natural hair!
-Jasper wrote:Kellan smokes? I didn't know that - I thought he was one who didn't smoke. Maybe he was just holding Rob's cigarette for him.
Sorry to disappoint you Jenni, but he wasn't holding anyone's cigarette but his own. Have a looksy. Oh Kellan, say it ain't so! :| May I just comment again on how horribly dreadful Ashley's wig looks? It was so much better in the first movie.

Candi luv, like Sarah I am so with you about the whole "Jackson can sleaze all over me" thing. :twisted: :lol:

Sarah, you are totally right, we soooo have to go after M. Night now for ruining our Jackson's beautiful hair. We'll just have to wait until Airbender filming is over.

Kayla - OH. MY. GAWD. Can I just say that I am toooootally jealous of you and Steven, which is pretty ridiculous considering that I actually have a bf of my own?? I swear, Steven is Edward incarnate!!! Being all cute and helpful with the babysitting, bringing you roses, playing the piano for you?! Did you guys go out to an Italian restaurant too and order mushroom ravioli or something? Cuz that would make it totally complete! :D And don't even get me started on the whole "I'll be your Edward" thing. I might actually swoon if I dwell on that for too long. *sigh* You lucky girl.
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by .La.Tua.Cantante. » Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:54 pm

Kimmy: I know, I feel very lucky. Its surreal.
haha I will certainly add you to my myspace and PM you the details on there.

Mandy: I know! he reminds me so much of Edward!
Like I said - it all seems very, very surreal.
Sadly we didn't go to an Italian restaurant,
but maybe I'll cook something Italian for him when he comes over tomorrow night -
I am Italian after all :D
Yea, the "I'll be your Edward" thing really sealed the deal,
I'm was sitting there thinking holy sh** you have to be kidding me, this man is perfect!
haha ever since that night, I have been ridiculously euphoric non-stop
I can't even concentrate during my photography classes, just knowing he is in the same building!
It's probably a good thing he always drives, I'm like Bella - his mere presence intoxicates me haha

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by therealmrswhitlock » Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:38 pm

Right, so we've got to get this thread MOVING! I spent a little time googling lovely Jackson pix to find something to put up here like everyone else does.

I accidentally found this money shot and I decided that its juicy goodness should therefore be shared amongst the JOFs. Enjoy my darlings, for it is good.

don't laugh!
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How could anyone say no to this face? Awww....

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by Mrs. Jasper Hale » Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:03 am

Kayla: I want a Steven!!!!! He sounds so perfect!!!! Lucky lucky girl!

Mandy: Ok we can wait till after Airbender to take M. Night out!

Ok ladies! Here are some new pics of Jackson!

Here he is Jackson Rathbone at Vancouver airport taking off today with his new Jasper hair. Very well worn pair of pants, non? Seems like a confident, easy going, not awkward all the time dude. Good.

Someone want to give the guy a hand? He can't find the other strap!

Totally not really liking the wig right now!

Jackson misses his real hair!

Someone help him! He is in such pain!

He remembered his awesome JOFs and it made him happy!
"Forged in war, born of death, saved by love." -Jackson Rathbone on Jasper Hale
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by DarkMuse » Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:27 am

I just saw these pictures and was bout to come post them. Lol.
Ok seriously now...did they dye the wig?
'Cause it looks a lot more brown now.
And curly the way Jackson's hair used to be. So weird.
I mean he's still hot, but the hair....just....yeah.
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by talirhee » Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:05 am

Nawh, I think he misses his hair. =)
But is he seriously wearing that wig in every day life? I lol'd so hard...

Jenni, thanks. It seems I'm already on the mend. =P

Kayla, welcome back. :D
Wow, Steven sounds amazing. Nice catch.

Mandy, I always enjoy your picture sotries. :D

Kimmy, the story's looking good!

Ugh. We have a storm here, and my dog is going crazy. :evil:

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by *Lamb*I*Am* » Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:42 am

Hellooooo All you Beautiful JOFies!!!!

TALI! Your back! Woop Woop! Hope you're feeling better Hon.
OMG Now YOU just got ME thinking of the Boots...hat...jeans...AGAIN. I hadn't thought of that for like 2 whole days! LOL
Um...My webby I mentioned is for my Horse Stud :) I'm hoping to re-vamp it soon!
And I'm glad I gave you a giggle re: Mr. Sleazy...LOL

Sarah, HELL YEAH! I wouldn't care if he was sleazy...I COULD ONLY HOPE ACTUALLY!
How about We need to go find Jackson & volunteer our services to him...By services I mean test his sleaziness...LMAO *swoon* *slaps self* .......I know...I'm a naughty girl! LOL

Mandy! I love your picture stories! And yes...I miss his old hair. BUT...I'd LOVE to run my hands over his shaved head! DAAAAAMN!

Kristina! Thanks, I thought I saw a Rob clip with that song...I thought I remembered THOSE eyes & THAT song....it was SUPER HOT! I can't find it now though either :(

KAAAAAAYLA! OMJR I'm SO FRICK'N HAPPY FOR YOU! He sounds so wonderful! :D

Therealmrswhitlock- What was your name? Sorry...if you've said it, I must've missed it! Blonde moment...LOL

Jenni...what's that? NO REAL ENGLISH GENTLEMEN???? Really? What about Rob? He strikes me as a gentleman...Or so I hope... *faints*

Kimmy, I love your new banner. So cute! But I still miss the hotties that were in it before...LOL But as they say, a change is as good as a holiday!

Righto, I'm in the middle of cooking dinner. GOTTA GO!
If I missed anyone...Sorry! Love you JOFies!

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by mizzou » Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:08 am

that wig looks pretty close to his actual hair. perhaps he should make a line of wigs like his hair so guys can buy them and make us all happy. that way we can have our own guys with jackson's hair, lol. :lol:
I met Ashley Greene & Peter Facinelli on February 7, 2009. :D

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by sachael » Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:30 pm

i don't think that's his wig.. i think that will be his sokka hair.. sokka's hair is like mohawk.. (not exactly but there..) his wig is really blonde.. like on twilight.. well i thing that's it..

(sorry short post.. lex is block here.. so i can't type in here that long.. )
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Post by -Jasper » Sat Mar 14, 2009 3:53 pm

Candi, maybe you would count Rob, but he's not even in England! He's in Vancouver, therefore, there are no english gentleman in England.

Kayla, wow - Steve sounds amazing!

Mandy, I was being optimistic. :lol: Oh well, it doesn't really matter.

Sarah, so now I'm confused - we haven't seen his natural hair after the cut, and those pictures had some long hair in ... I wish he'd take his hat off so we could see.

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