Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius

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Re: Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius

Post by LionandLamb123 »

I don't have a twitter, but I came across this on some Twilight website and thought I'd share his twitter with you all if you're interested :D : http://twitter.com/Jamiebower He's actually quite funny :lol:
dandyvampgirl_13 wrote:Does anyone else think he looks a bit like an older version of Draco Malfoy, or maybe a younger Lucius Malfoy? Its creepy!

He does kind of look like him actually...
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Re: Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

^ YESS!!! But somehow even sexier (sorry, I have a huge crush on Tom Felton)

Also, dandy--have you read Wide Awake? Your siggy made me laugh so hard I almost died!

Jamie is going to be AMAZING!
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