Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

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Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by Nena »

Discuss everything about new Victoria on the Eclipse movie, Bryce Dallas Howard.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by switzgal »

I'm quite disappointed that Rachelle and Summit couldn't work out a schedule to keep her. I honestly thought Rachelle brought Victoria to life and this late in the game the entire cast should remain the same. Especially since Victoria plays a pretty big part in Eclipse.

That said, I have not seen any movies with Bryce in it. If she's anything like her dad, I have no worries.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by JulieM »

The whole Rachelle thing is very sad. I don't care who's fault it was, it's just too bad it had to happen.

Anyway, if you haven't seen Bryce, she is awesome in "The Village" by M. Knight Shamalyan (sp?). Really great movie. I think she'll be fine as Victoria, but like I said before, it's just too bad it had to happen.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by RebeccaCullen »

I vaguely remember seeing her in The Village; can't really have made an impression on me if I don't really remember her.

I think it's kinda sad that she turned down the role when she was first offered the part. A lot of the cast and crew were taking a chance with the first movie as it was, and the only thing worse from going from a starring role to a minor role is to appear as an extra. Knowing her casting history, having been a replacement actress on three other films, and who her father is, I'm not putting it past the studio and her to be using her daddy's last name to try and draw people in.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by despoina92 »

I am vaguely under the impression that Summit Entertainment has intentionally replaced Rachelle with Bryce Dallas Howard. I feel that after "Twilight" which brought loads of money to Summit but was mostly rejected by critics, they tried to bring the movies to a whole new lever and improve them. And since there was nothing they could do with the main cast (the fans were already fond of Bella and Edward, the Cullens, Jacob and the humans) they decided to change the villain and, since this time Victoria has a very important role in Eclipse, have a well recognized actress. I've seen "The Village" and I have to say that I liked her really much. What do you think?
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by BrandOfHeroine »

I havent seen any movie with her in it.
But by the pictures I´ve seen of her and Xavier Samuel doing Eclipse kissing scenes, it looks pretty good!
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by dazzleme »

I'm very dissapointed that Rachelle will not be back for Eclipse. There are different stories circulating the web and magazines, but I'm not sure what to believe. Rachelle was amazing and I hope Bryce Dallas Howard will be great as well.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

I'm extremely disappointed Rachelle isn't playing the part.
I hope she's doing well.
That said, since I wanted Rachelle, I can't really focus on Bryce's acting yet.
We'll have to see.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by Kami LaRae »

I agree,I really liked Rachelle as Victoria and I think Bryce looks a little old seeing as vampires don't age. It's funny though,Bryce is younger than Rachelle. Bryce lacks the feline look that Rachelle could pull off wonderfully but we will see. It always amazes me what they can do with wardrobe and makeup.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by xXButterflyXSkullsXx »

I hate that they replaced Rachelle.
Just the whole replacing thing in general gets on my nerves.
It messes up a lot. To start with someone and have people to love them then change it around.
It doesn't seem fair.
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