Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

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Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Pel »

A place to discuss Billy.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Hali »

As a daddy's girl, I have such a soft spot for Charlie and Billy Burke just doesn't tug at my heart strings. I literally pictured an actor, Kyle Chandler, while I was reading the books. I guess if he wasn't cast I wasn't gonna be happy because I already had an ideal in my head, lol. I'm not hating on Billy, I'm sure he's a perfectly good actor, but his facial features seem kind of strong and harsh, and I thought Charlie's face would be more expressive. And I am certainly not feeling the moustache I've seen in clips, haha.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by samajama »

ick. no. this is not how i pictured charlie at all!
he should be balding. and kind of chubby. i don't know, that's just how i pictured chief swan =)
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by vegasn8ive »

lol! I was going to come in here and talk about how I don't really like this casting choice and I expected to be the odd man out. Hah! Well...... I guess not.

I'm pretty happy with everyone that was cast in this movie. Some took me a little longer than others but Billy Burke? I don't think so. :roll: He's just so not what I picture and, well, he looks too young to me. I know they had Bella young but he just doesn't look like a dad of a seventeen year-old to me. Plus, I think he just doesn't look like who my mind pictured as Charlie. I hope I'm completely surprised when I see the movie and end up loving him as Charlie.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by WishIWasACullen »

I also pictured Charlie as a bit chubbier, a tad balding and DEFINITELY without a mustache. The mustache for me is just a big "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!" moment. I could be wrong though, as with anything Stephenie Meyer is associated with, it will find a way to surprise me!! :D
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by ~LaTuaCantante~ »

I did'nt imagine Charlie like that.
In my eyes they should've cast an older, chubbier actor. Oh and without a mustache.
And his voice sounds so 'cold'.
But I could be wrong, I've only seen one scene of him.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by spookybell »

it says a lot when you count on IMDb for this one...

I have no other comment.

yes I do. Could Billy Burke be any closer to Billy Black (whout being Billy Black). Weird.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by ed4ev »

ugh, i dont like billy burke with a mustache, its sooo ugly.....charlies not sposed to have a mustache, at least i think..

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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by ChelseaLee »

Yeah...billy just doesnt work for me as Charlie. The moustache is distracting, and he does look waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young to be Bella's father. I pictured Charlie as having a more kind, crinkly look in his eyes. I always saw him as very kind and almost with a little laughter in his eyes.....
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Unwanted™ »

Billy Burke just doesn't fit...and I dont even see a reason for him to be Charlie, always thought of him as a sweet guy and a little fat, because of something I read in New moon, well, since I can't do anything to change the fact its him, i'll just hope he does a good work :D
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