Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by twi-nerd »

When I was watching the trailers for New in Town, I was like. OME! It's Charlie! Cuz the guy that Renee Zellwegger meets does look like him but then I saw that it wasn't him. What a big let down. Oh well.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by bubblylittlealice »

i loved him as Charlie. It's just he didn't have curly hair. That's the only thing rather then that he was funny and caring to bella and that's all that matters
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by sarah! »

Yes, I really wished he had curly hair like the book but its not that big of a deal.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by allieb »

MAN i loved his casting!! it was PERFECTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
i love the scene when Bella gets her truck. haha
"alright..... i'll roll you into the mud." haha there is something else in the middle but i forget!! haha
but i almost died of laughter (in the theater) when he said that. haha
i got some pretty vicious stares!! haha =]=]
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by keds723 »

Okay, his character I think was the only one in my mind PERFECTLY cast. I loved him in this movie and it makes me want to go and give my daddy a big ole' hug. When Billy did that head twirly thing and then cocked his gun before Edward comes into the Swan family household...I laughed so hard. And then said "Awwww..." the thing with the mace. Heck Yes! Best Dad Ever!
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Sydflower »

I liked him.. He fit the part.. the only thing is I kind of pictured Charlie a little fatter lol. He always sat and watched TV and ate take out and fast food.. and he has been described as 'heaving himself off the couch'.

Haha :lol:
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Devious Cullen »

I thought Billy was perfect, and hilarious. He played the awkwardness and the quirks of Charlie brilliantly. To be honest, his portrayal of Charlie has actually made me pay more attention to him in the books, and I actually imagine Billy playing certain scenes when I read now. He was certainly one of the standouts for me.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Devious Cullen »

Sorry for the double post but it has been ages since the last.

There's a great new interview with Billy:

Burke, 42, who plays the father to Kristen Stewart's character, Bella, starts shooting New Moon next month in Vancouver and can't wait to reunite with his costar.

"We get along in this weird ethereal way that I haven't gotten along with any costar before," Burke said of Stewart. "She brings something that makes me want to go to work."

Burke says he can relate to his character more the second time around since he became a father himself to his now-7-month-old daughter, who was born during the shooting of Twilight.

"It's the weirdest and coolest thing I've ever had happen to me," the actor says of being a dad.

"I had to turn down a movie last month because I didn't want to be away from the baby. I've never had to make decisions like that before. I used to be a pretty selfish Let's Not Bring Our Parentage Into This.. Now I'm thinking like I'd rather spend time with my kid."

The best part about being a dad? "When your baby smiles at you with their whole body. It's enough to make me fall down."

How sweet.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by pennybug84 »

I loved Billy as Charlie. He was so good and I thin really did a great job bringing him to life. Especially the akwardness that's there especially when Bella first moves back w/him. And I think he also did a good job showing how much Charlie cares for and loves Bella. (I felt bad for him when he thought Bella was moving back to Arizona, it was so sad! He did that so well.) He had some of the best parts (ie the halo when Bella tells him Edward's important, and of course the shotgun w/the bring him in) I can't wait to see him in NM & Eclipse & maybe BD.
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Re: Billy Burke as Charlie Swan

Post by Jadey »

Billy is the perfect Charlie.
Hes so cute.
He made me cry :cry:

And and and when Bella/Kstews like "I don't mind being alone.. I guess im like my dad in that way"
And then hes like *smirky smug proud face*

Kudos to him for bringing us a brilliant C-man
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