Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

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Re: Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

Post by pennybug84 »

I loved GIL as Billy. He was so funny & had some of the best lines! And he definitely did a good job giving Edward the evil eye. Not exactly how I pictured him but he was still really good! Look forward to seeing him more in NM

The driving thing didn't bug me too much because they can modify cars for those in wheelchairs to drive. Just another minor thing they chose to change for the movie I guess.
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Re: Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

Post by silver-swallow »

Billy Black and Charlie were the biggest surprise for me in twilight, because they were just so funny!!!!!! I really wish we had seen more of them....theyre scene where jake and billy bring over bellas truck and charlie and billy are screwing round is in my top 3 favourite twilight scenes!! I hope we see more of them together in new moon!!! Also, wouldnt mind some Billy/Jake moments. If they dont have some of those i'll be dissapointed a little!!
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