Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley in Twilight

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Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley in Twilight

Post by Pel »

A place to discuss Solomon

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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by Teak »

To me it seems Solomon will make a fantastic Sam. I was impressed with the interviews I saw of him; he seems like an amazing person, as well as a good actor. He had me won over as soon as he started reciting that poetry by heart.
Yes, looking forward to seeing Solomon in Twilight!

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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by mlola619 »

To be honest i always though Sam would be bigger- more dominating. I feel bad but solomon doesn't have that dominating "in charge" presence. Maybe it's just cause of the way i've seen him act in interviews. Then again he does seem very dedicated to his role & interested in unraveling the character of Sam, so i'm sure he won't disappoint. I have faith in the casting directors of this movie :D
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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by ummplz »

He seems like he'll be a good sam.
From all the interviews I've seen he seems like a good person.
I just think hes just a bit too short? ;x
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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

yeah sooo not how i imagined sam
but from the interviews that iv seen he looks really rad!

he makes to super sam :)

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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by Christine! »

My friend who doesn't really know very much about the movie was trying to tell me that her friend knew Taylor Lautner.
And I was just laughing at her cause obviously there were lying, since they live in the smallest town ever where nothing happens and they never go do anything.
Well, apparently my friend got it wrong, they know Solomon, since he lives in Oregon and stuff.
So I believed her on that. Hahah.
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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by spookybell »

I loved watching him on youtube... thanks Twilight Lexicon!!!! I believe you all did the interview. I couldn't quite picture Sam before. I think I'm gona like him.

p.s. for all of you worried about how big and tall our wolfie friends are... just remember Hagrid in Harry Potter (assuming you've seen it).
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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by AliceLauren »

^^ i'm worried about height... but I never considered that... I suppose that they can make him a giant (like Hagrid) easily. Movie Magic. Don't you just love it :D

But that's not really how I pictured Sam... I think it might just be because he is too short for the time being, but I don't necessarily care for him. I hope that he will look slightly more like Sam once he has magically grown a few inches ;)

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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by elstardust »

too short, but I think he'll be okay.
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Re: Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Post by LeechesRule95 »

Ughhhhhh I hate it when you dont get to see a character the way you picture it in your head! :roll:
I never pictured Sam with long hair but of course im not sure if thats how theyre going to keep it for the movie. He just doesnt seem right. mI honesly pictured him more taller (almost everyones problem.) Slightly skinnier but muscular and cuter :lol:

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