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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by vegasn8ive »

Which Twilight/New Moon Character are you?

WOw, you are Alice! What a character! A small pixie- but a secretly amazingly powerful being. you can predicts events quite well, you are a GREAT listener, and you make desicions uncannily well. you are a really good vamp.

I'm laughing. I always get Alice. Always. I keep waiting for the quiz that will give me someone else. That's good, though. I love Alice. And, since we started reading the books, everyone I know has told me I'm like Alice. :lol:
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by Sabeth »

I got Bella.

I thought I would be more like Edward or Rosalie.
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by Cherokee »

I got Jasper.

I am not really all surprised. I've sort of always mediated between fights my friends have, I'm really good at cheering people up and stuff...but it's strange, because I've never really thought about which character I'm most like. Jasper kind of struggles with being what he should be...he's trying always to not do and be what comes naturally. I do too. If I had really ever thought of it, I guess I would have said I was Jasper, too, but there's always a part of you who wants to be Bella, isn't there?
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by twilighter4eva »

ome i got edward!! rotflwe!!!
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by KDominguez »

I got Edward also. Didn't surprise me. I think WAY to much and I am very strong willed.
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by Venecettia »

Surisingly, to me, I turned out to be like Alice. Never thought it would come out that way, but, what a wonderful surprise! Now I think I will take the quiz again, and choose the complete opposite of myself, fun.
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by Artemis Cullen »

I'm Bella, weird. I never thought I would be like 'Bella'. :?

I guess I just have to wait for my 'Edward' now. :lol: :mrgreen:
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by museicalking »

im edward. wow. i really didnt think of that but i knew i was musical, thats it :mrgreen:
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by darkrider »

Which Twilight/New Moon Character are you?

Congrats! You are the famed main character! You are smart, passionate, but a tortured soul inside. You are very curious and when you love something or someone, you would risk life and limb for them (literally) you want to be a vampire with the intensity of a thousand suns.

I'm not surprised. I'm clumsy, cry when i'm mad and am very observant.

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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by BreakingTwilight »

Yeah..I What?
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