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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

Edward Cullen
Ah, you are the illustrious Edward Cullen. You are powerful, passionate, and a thinker....sometimes to crazy extremes. I have a personality that draws people in, even though you are a predator. You have amazing will power and are totally romantic. you are a very dreamy and well behaved vegetarian vampire.

What the hell? First, I'm a WOMAN, second I was TRYING to get JASPER! grrrrrrr!!!
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by JenTheWriter »

^^ We can totally trade. I'm a woman. You're a woman. I wanted Edward, you got Edward. I got Jasper, you wanted Jasper. We can so trade and never tell a soul! lol
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by perfect.shade.ofblue »

lol I'm bella

i know i'm clumbsy but sheeesh...i didnt think it was that obvious (even to a computer haha)
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by best_beating_heart »

im Bella?
i think almost everyone has Bella.
i like Alice and Jasper better

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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by BrokenDreams »

I'm Alice.

Wow, you are Alice! What a character! A small pixie- but a secretly amazingly powerful being. you can predicts events quite well, you are a GREAT listener, and you make desicions uncannily well. you are a really good vamp.

Hmmm, I thought it was going to say I'm like Bella. Oh well, I like Alice better anyways.
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by futurevampire »

Ooh I'm Bella!!
I wasn't really expecting that, but I am a lot like her..and I do really want to be her.
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

I'm Bella!

I was quite suprised actually, but at the same time quite pleased!
She is Bella Swan isn't she! :mrgreen:
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by Renesmee_Bella »

I AM BELLA!!! WOOHOOO!!! You know what that means...*sly look*
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by IloveAliceCullen<3 »

I'm a Jasper.

I like Jazz, I thought I would be an Alice. But Jasper is really okay.
He's such a nice guy.

And his talent is adorable, controlling emotions. Yeah, sounds like me!
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Re: Twilight Character Quiz

Post by sarah! »

I'm Bella.
lol how did I know?!
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