What would your scent be to Vampires?

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What would your scent be to Vampires?

Post by Pel »

haha if vampires could smell you what would you want/or think your scent would be. Mine has been stated in the "wheres Edward *slap*" thread. Hehe I'm vanilla scented. MMMM....
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by Elizabeth »

Oh yay! I've actually thought of this one. At first, I thought cookies, but vampires don't like cookies. So I'm going to say vanilla with a hint of brown sugar- sweet, and yummy enough to eat! If vampires liked cookies, I'd smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, my favorite.
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by FireLuna »

My best friend and I have contemplated this about ourselves when Eclipse came out. xD Okay, well, we thought that I would smell like chocolate, or something really sweet, and she would smell like...I don't remember. ^^;; Whoops.
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by BeautifulVeins »

I would love to smell like Hypnose by Lancome. Nicest perfume ever!
But I really like musk too.
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

id probably smell quite sweet what with the amount of sugar i consume
lol but i love vanilaa!!
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by paige_bella »

I have always been a vanilla scent kind of girl. Everything I wear has vanilla in it ;)
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by jamielikewhoa »

I'd probably smell like part cotton candy, part applesauce and part YSL perfume cause thats my favorite scent. I'd be irresistible. :lol:
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by alellie »

My scent would be...peanut butter.

I'm pretty sure. So if vampires could have allergies and Edward was allergic to peanuts, he'd be sneezing like crazy whenever I'm around...

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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by Anarey »

Probably strawberies or violets. Everything I use smell like one or the other.
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Re: What would your scent be?

Post by Venecettia »

I would probably smell like vanilla, maybe, I wear tons of vanilla perfume when I go to school.
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