Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by Artemis Cullen »

:o Wow! That is awesome! :mrgreen:
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by Edward's_Stalker »

i made socks.
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Re: Twilight pumpkin

Post by anilu »

Forever Dawn wrote:Here's a pic of the pumpkin that I carved this year. I don't know if the obvious needs to be stated; Summit Entertainment owns the image. I also have to thank my hubby for making my carving stencil.

http://rohring.smugmug.com/photos/39890 ... QGa-XL.jpg
:shock: :shock: :shock: THAT is amazing!

A friend and I are thinking of making Tshirts for the premiere :D
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by edward x lover »

I am making a tshirt and I will tell you what it will say on it (the tshirt is for the movie)

Twilight on the Top
under neith that it will say What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm the bad guy?
and at the bottom Nothing will be the same

11.21.08 on the top
"I was unconditionally and irrevobably in love with him." under that
and at the bottom forever begins now

I am using iron on paper and using Edward's handwriting and the Twilight font
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by jackandella »

Hello Twilight Lexers -

My girlfriend and I are jewelry designers, and have featured a collection of Twilight series quote jewelry on our etsy site:


We invite you all to visit our shop, and let us know what you think! Right now we are offering free shipping on all Twilight merchandise now through November 21st - just in time for the movie premiere! Mention that you saw us on Twilight Lexicon and receive a special gift with purchase.

We hope you enjoy the movie - we are looking forward to seeing it at the midnight show!

Jack & Ella Designs
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by mleilanis »

In honor of the upcoming movie, I got my creative juices flowing and designed a digital scrapbook kit based on Twilight. I will be giving it away in parts all next week as freebies on my scrapbooking blog. Check it out at http://justfryoudigiscraps.blogspot.com
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by crzy4edward »

so guys i was wondering.. where do we go if we have an idea for a shirt and would like to recommend it to the lex?

cause my sis and i came up with a good one for Pro Life..

"Bella didn't get an abortion"

its just an idea that i thought others besides myself and sister could use.
but i'm lost as to who/ where to ask it.
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by TheTwilightShop »

Hi everyone,

My friend and I were inpired after attending a B-day party for Bella in Sept. have just started our own business making Twilight inspired signs, magnets, t-shirts, locker art, etc. check out our website at TheTwilightShop.com :roll: and let us know what you think.
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by bite_me »

Omg that PUMPKIN!!!

Everyone around me is so skilled. :(
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Re: Homemade Twilight Crafts and Clothes

Post by ForeverPurity »

This is a tutorial my friend made, becuase she made me an Alice choker for christmas. :3

http://beckytherebel.deviantart.com/art ... -104908401
*the width of the 'file' should be 8 inches.

Was it REALLY worth $20 to buy that off amazon, REALLY?
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