Twilight books in different languages

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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by sharon^sharon »

I have Twilight and New Moon in Dutch (because I am Dutch) and Eclipse and Breaking Down in English
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Babygirl67 »

no i dont but i would want them in spanish if i could lol
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by hannaa »

I have 3 first books in finnish( i'm from finland) and i don't want to buy BD in english, becuase i want them all in finnish( and the finnish version will be released in autumn, arghh) confusing...
And then i have the complete illustarted movie companion in english. :)
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Laure »

I bought the Dutch version of Twilight in filmedition( and now I ordered the English box of all four of them.
I think I'll wait for the filmeditions of the other books before I buy them in Dutch (so I have both forms - the original front and the movie front)
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Moorea »

You know, I always try to read a book in its original language because I am VERY-OFTEN-ALMOST-EVERYTIME disappointed by transaltion. With books like Stephenie Meyer's, where feelings and sensations are as important as the story line and the plot, you always lose something out when you translate them. My mother tongue is French, and when I started reading Twilight in French, I had to stop, because it was ruining my experience of Twilight altogether :roll:

Of course, I don;t mean to say that only the English version is good! :) I'm aware that there are many other languages out there ;) And I find it great that people want to try to read these books in a foreign language to try to improve their skills: go for it guys and girls, this is the best way to learn a language :)
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by jasmine »

Ive got the books in english, cause dutch translations tend to be pretty bad. They always translate names aswell, and i cant stand that. And I like the english language much better than dutch anyway.

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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Annabanana »

I read the books in swedish.. and I own the first book in english as well but I haven't read it yet.
The swedish books has really changed the titles of the books alot,
I don't get why :? like twilight's called "if I could dream", but in swedish then of corse.
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Ifeellikerain »

hmmm I would like it in Japanese, even though it would take me a year to translate, but I'm not sure how I feel about the illustrations...
I really want it in Korean, does anyone know if it has been published in korean???
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by paula_bnsnt »

I originally read Twilight in spanish and I hated it! Anyone who speaks English can tell the translation is terrible... Some sentences had no meaning, unless you tranlsated them to English word by word. I was so mad I would have stopped right there but the story was worth it! So after that I bought the english versions of the whole saga... and gave Twilight in spanish to the first friend that mentioned they wanted to read it! (and mentioned I never wanted to see it again)

They haven't changed the titles from english to spanish, they translated them literally:
Twilight ---> Crepúsculo
New Moon ---> Luna Nueva
Eclipse ---> Eclipse
Breaking Dawn ---> Amanecer
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by tinuviel2006 »

I'm Croatian, so I have many books in my mother language, but I've always preferred original languages and since I know English I usually buy both copies of books. Croatian translations of the Twilight Saga are:
Twilight - Sumrak
New Moon - Mladi Mjesec
Eclipse - Pomrčina
Breaking Dawn - Praskozorje
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