Twilight books in different languages

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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by kayAlicekay »

I have Twilight and New Moon in English, I haven't been able to get Eclipse or BD yet. I would love to have the Books in German. And I think they have a version of Twilght that is Bis something, and another one that is Biss something. Bis is until and Biss is bite, right? I would rather have Biss. They are soo similar...
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Mrs.TeddyBear »

I have all four books in Finnish, as well as English (& then paperbacks of the first 3 :oops: :lol: ) so multiple copies! The translations to Finnish have been pretty good, but you lose some of the mood within the translation, which is unfortunate.
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by cecibelle_cullen »

I have twilight, new moon and eclipse in spanish cuz they are more easily to get in spanish than in english, but I have BD in english wich I loved , so I'm going to buy them all in English :mrgreen:
but you lose some of the mood within the translation, which is unfortunate.
you're so right :( :geek: :)
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by SweetImpakt »

I only own the english copies, but I've read the first one in dutch as well and the translation is absolutely ridiculous and horrible. It annoys the hell out of me when they don't get the translation right, so I don't read them anymore. They did the most stupid thing with the titles. They didn't translate twilight, that one has the title twilight in dutch as well, but with the other three books they did translate the titles. New Moon and Eclipse are just the same translated but they did something strange with BD. You could translate the dutch title into morningred or something.strange dutch people .

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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Dovrebanen »

I agree with you, Shauni. That's the same with the books here in Norway. I have just read Twilight in Norwegian, and after that I went straight out and bought them all in English. The translations are ridiculous. The titles are translated here as well. Pretty straightforward, but highly unnecessary, I think. What ticks me the most about the translations is that none of the lines comes out right. It just sounds stupid. And Edward is supposed to be from Chicago in the early 1900s, and how do you translate that into Norwegian....It just doesn't work.
I also always watch the movie without the subtitles in Norwegian, because they just annoy me.

The titles...
Twilight is not translated...
New Moon= Under en ny måne (meaning "Underneath a new moon")
Eclipse= Formørkelsen (literally translated)
Breaking Dawn= Ved daggry (this one too)
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Cullen_Lover »

I've heard about the Twilight Comic Books in Japan, and I'm going there in May, should I get them? :D
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by Drunkster »

I have 3 first books written by Finnish language. Breakin Dawn has not been translated yet to our language but I read the english version of it. I think books are better by english language and pretty easy to undersand, even with not so good language skills.
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Re: Twilight books in different languages

Post by dimber »

First of all, I must say that I prefer reading the books in their original language, whenever I can of course...that's why I have the Twilight books in English even though I'm Italian. Besides, usually the Italian translations are pretty bad, especially those of YA, science fiction and fantasy books: publishing houses usually think that young readers don't care about the style and effectiveness of the translation. What is worse is that they tend to hire unexperienced translators to reduce the costs because YA and fantasy are hard to sell in Italy. Sometimes they "pass" the translation to experienced translator when the series is a success and for this reason in some series you find out that the style of the translation varies a lot from book to book, sometimes even with different translations of names, places, made-up words etcetera...for example, The Lord of the Rings was translated again some years ago because the first translation was full of mistakes. Can you believe it???
By the way, since my husband can't read English we bought the whole series in Italian for him...he didn't like it much because the tone of the translation is really too cheesy. He loved the story but, even without reading the original, he felt that there was something wrong in the translation.
Since I can read Spanish as well I'm curious about the Spanish books...anyone can give his/her opinion on this? With such an economical crisis I don't want to waste my money in a bad translation! ;)
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