Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

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Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by Pel »

Ok, so this is probably a stupid question, but I just felt like making a new topic...hehe!

*Direct me if this is suppose to be somewhere else*

Anyways....back to the question!

Where do you put your copy of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn whenever you aren't reading them? Are they stuck under other piles of books? Maybe they have a special area in your room?

Me, personally, I sit the one I am not reading on a little pillow on my nightstand and the one I am reading right beside my pillow because I fall asleep reading one oe the other..hehe

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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by Tenshi »

While I'm reading them the books literally follow me everywhere. They go in the car with me, into the grocery store, even into the movie theater where I read by cell phone light until the movie starts. I'm getting ready to go on vacation so Breaking Dawn is in my bag right now so I can read it in the car. I just finished Eclipse yesterday actually. Anyway, the ones that I've finished with have a special place on my bookshelf. I'm not very organized, but my favourite ones go in the easy-to-reach section along with books I haven't read yet. Obviously, these are in the favourite section. ;)
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by mlola619 »

When i am reading one, it sits comfortably on my desk- neatly straight hehe :oops: But, when i'm not in the middle of reading one it sits-in order- on my bookshelf pushed away from all the other books for me to be able to glance at every day.....*sigh* Twilight dork-supreme
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by 22.FireandIce »

I have 2 copies of every book, well not BD but thats ok. I have a copy to loan and to read and a copy to well look at and get signed. (I have Twilight and Eclipse signed!!!, Those ones cannot be read and destroyed like my other Twilight copy where it has doodles within the book and the corners worn away.
I have a favorite section on my bookshelf (the middle shelf) with all my harry potter books and Twilight books. It's quite the sacred area. And I hate taking my books to school because they get more ruined within my binder when they slip and slide everywhere.
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by Kyoko »

i have a spot on my book shelf for my Twilight books and i always have one where ever i go it doesn't matter if i'm just going for a walk or what at least one comes with me.
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by The Imprinter »

I have 4 shelves big enough to hold one book and I have The shelves like in a triangle formation on my wall
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by Edward's_Stalker »

i keep them on my "special book shelf" when o'm not readin them but i'm working on puting up a bookshelf on my wall. it's really cool one, it's called a "vanishing book shelf" because when you set the book on it you put the back cover under a certain flap on the shelf. it's awesome, it looks like the books are just stuck on your wall. i can't wait to see my friends faces when they see it and ask how i did it :D
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by xoxocamille »

Omg! You guys aren't gonna believe where I placed my books.
Back then, they were sitting here on my desk, but people always come in my room, and I'm getting really annoyed when they touch my books.

So let me tell my little story first.
From the Breaking Dawn Release Party, I asked the guy in the counter if I could have one of the boxes from where Breaking Dawn were shipped. So yeah, I took it home, and now my books currently hide there. I only take it out when I'm reading them, then I put them back in.

Hm, picture!

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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by *Bloodlust* »

FOR ONCE, they're all in my posession. Two weeks ago, my cousin STILL had my Twilight[she had it for 3 months!], one of my guy friends had New Moon[had it for 3 weeks and only read it in the last 3 days! :x ], I was posession of Eclipse, and my friend who didn't want to buy Breaking Dawn was borrowing it.

It was almost too much pain not to have them, really. I felt like...well, like Bella did when Edward left in New Moon. HONESTLY.
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Re: Where are your copies of the Twilight Saga?

Post by Edward's Vampheart »

At the moment in my possesion I only have my copies of New moon and Eclipse.

My cousin has her own copy of Twilight but lent it to someone. She's at the snow this week so she aksed if she could borrow mine.

Then, I had to lend my copy of Breaking Dawn to this person I know who I hooked onot the Twiligth saga.

I don't know if I've actually ever had the whole series in my possesion at the time!

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