What would your Vampire Power be?

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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by Spartan »

I've always thought about stuff like this. If Carlisle's theory is correct ( It's an enhancement of what people can do as mortals ) then my power would be to control the weather - because for some reason I say "Rain. Stop" and it does, it's happened quite a few times and I haven't lived that long. < It would either be that or to be able to wind people up if I wanted - which I seem to be quite gifted at already and have a lot of fun with at times.
However if I could chose my vampire power it would possibly be Benjamin's ( control the 4 elements or somesuch thing) which I have always said I would love to be able to do - years before BD ever came out.
There's so many powers that I'd love to have like being able to remember everything or the ability to fly which would basically be pointless If I became a vamp because vampires can do it anyway. (to fly just jump really far)


I really don't want to be able to hear people thoughts - especially it your power was like Edwards. I wouldn't like to know what people feel about me or any of thier secrets, yeah it would be interesting but then you'd know all this and It would serve no purpose ( unless you like blackmail people or some other foul thing.)
I wouldn't like to be able to see the future either because suprises can be fun. : P
Maybe the power to know if people were lying would be useful but I still wouldn't like it much.

For those powers I don't want I think they're the kind of things that you wouldn't mind for a day, but for much long after that and it sucks. Edwards power would only work with Vampires because their brains have the capability to deal with all of those thoughts. Any human would go mad, have a serious identity crisis or have to live in the middle of nowhere, away from other people.
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by ilovetwilight »

well i really love animals, so i would want my power to be like, i can change into any animal i want :) sort of like beast boy on the teen titans lol
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by lune1204 »

i think my ability will be alble to hear people's thoughts.it's nice to hear if wether their lying to you or their telling the truth. :lol:

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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by Michiyuki »

If I could have a really cool ability it would be to change my appearence
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by everlong »

Hmmmm well, I think I would most likely have a Jane like power.
I just mentally tear people apart in my mind when theyve done something to me, bring up all the horrible aspects of them iv noticed. So maybe that would be brought into my next life? That I would hurt the person somehow with my mind.

But iv always been a strange, different girl. I have a large imagination and I see things differently to other people, so maybe thats a Zafrina power. To show everyone else things think of.

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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by Vurktoid »

My ability would be to instantly know how to use any technology just by looking at it.
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by inlovewithmyJasper54 »

I bet my powers would be something like Kate's (where you can shock people... lol) because I can have a temper at times but they could also be something to make people warm up to me (even if I was someone they hate, I can make my powers force them to end up liking me... and then I can strike... lol )
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by moon.cherry.twilite »

I think my power would be sort of like Jasper's. Because (as stupid as this sounds) I can feel vibes really strongly and I have this keen instinct about the way people feel about me...and each other... and whatever is currently happening.
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by psugar »

My friends and I decided my power is to heal people, like scars and such since I eat alot of peanut buttter(protein whihc heals stuff faster). In my fanfic where I am a vampire(Emmett's little sister) I have this power.
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Re: What would your Vampire Power be?

Post by mrs.jordancullen »

i would want to turn into a mermaid!!!....... jkjk...... um.... i would really want to control electronics, or something cool like that..... :shock:


ya, iv been thinking about carsliles theroy. and if its true, i would probably be good at doing something with feelings....... like jazz, but different........idk, im just really good @ hiding my feelings and stuff, so.......there 8-)

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