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Twilight Prequel

Post by Nena »

We all know Stephenie Meyer is not working on a prequel or has any plans of doing so in the future, but if there was one to be made, would you like to read one? What would you like to see in a prequel?
Discuss all your ideas here! There are not specific rules (besides the forum rules :geek: )to this thread yet. But I may not see one liner posts that say:

"yay. I would love a prequel" or something like that... this thread is for serious discussion.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by Persephonie »

I think an interesting Prequel would be about the Cullens, an closer look at Carlisle's life before he became a Vampire and more on his trials and tribulations afterwards.

More about Esmee, about Alice... about Edward's life growing up etc....

Not sure if I would do this from anyone's specific point if view though, the way all the other books ave been, but maybe more from a third person, a witness... or someone that would somehow "know" all this and the thoughts going thru each and everyone's mind.....

We would also learn more about the Volturii thru Carlisle's time with them.....

I don't know if I would make the prequel about Bella again....
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by waiting tobe dazzled »

I think a prequel from the Cullens would make a really good book. Any of the Cullens point of views would be really interesting but I would particularly like it to be from Edward's. Not only because, well he's Edward, but because he was the first kid there and could comment on the others as they came to the family. He also has so much more insight on the other characters, an insight that is basically unattainable for the others seeing as they lack his gift. Plus his slightly synical yet comedic view would make for a fun read..I think anyway.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by future_sparkly_vamp »

i think a twilight prequel should be more about the denalis, since i was so looking forward to hear about them in breaking dawn, but we didn't see a lot of them. Learing all five backstories and such wouold be awesome.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by gatsbygirl »

I'd like to know what Edward was like as a human. Would there have been anyone before Bella? It could make a really good story.
Also, Alice died in the 1920's/1930's, right? That would be a great era to write about.

There's a lot of scope for a prequel.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by mlola619 »

I'd really enjoy a flashback of some sort from one of the Cullens. I would really enjoy something from Carlisle before and after becoming a vampire- pretty much his lifestory from right before he was changed to the end of Breaking Dawn or the beginning of Twilight. I've always loved Carlisle and would really enjoy reading things from his perspective being that he's so thoughtful and intelligent. Any other viewpoint from the Cullens would be awesome too such as Jasper Alice, Emmett. I think Emmett's would be hilarious since he's so carefree so i'd definately love diving into that story....

It's hard to decide though- basically any viewpoint from the Cullens would be awesome.

In continuation of the story, i've ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear from Reneesme once she's 7 years old and fully developed. I sense a huge repeat in the love triangle area with Reneesme, Jacob and Nahuel- anyone else??? i think that'd be AWESOME, nonetheless ironic in the "mother like daughter sense" haha poor Jacob! Cept this time he'd get the girl ;)

I'd also REALLY love to read from Leah's POV...her story was the only one that wasn't finished in Breaking Dawn, and i think she deserves her happy ending. Also since Leah is alot like Jacob i'd love to read from her perspective being that'd it'd probably be just as funny as Jacob! Also we'd get alot more wolf insight which would be SAH-WEET.

Basically anything SM writes in the continuation of the Twilight Universe- i will definitely read haha
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by Destani »

I would love to read a prequel about the Cullens. I'm picturing something done in sections or "books" like Breaking Dawn where each of the Cullens has a chance to tell a little about their human life (for those that remember it), their near death experience and then how they became a vampire and fit in with the Cullen family. In particular, I want to hear more about Carlisle's life with the Volturi and Alice and Jasper's meeting.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by spookybell »

Honestly, I don't want it...

I'd but it and read it and it might be fantastic, but there is something special in not knowing everything. However I love Midnight Sun and Edwards point of view is amazing.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by Doodle »

I would love to read of Edward as a new born, when he was perphaps a less than perfect vampire.
Also Carlisle's story before he was a vampire would be very interesting as that period of history I find very interesting and I'm learning of that period in History at the moment.
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Re: Twilight Prequel

Post by Layla_Hale »

I would LOVE to read a book about Alice and Jasper's first few years together, before they went to live with the Cullens. Another good story would be Emmett's POV of his first few years as a vampire.

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