"Seth's Bodyguard Service: He Keeps the Peace, We Help"

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Re: "Seth's Bodyguard Service: He Keeps the Peace, We Help"

Post by Renesmee_Bella »

Oh, how I've missed this place... let's all come back, shall we? It'll be like old times :)

~jj1706: I think he is definitely more than one year younger than Jake... but we're forgetting that Jake is pretty young! He was only 16 in New Moon!! And also, I'm pretty sure it mentions his age in New Moon when Jacob introduces Bella to everyone!! :)

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Re: "Seth's Bodyguard Service: He Keeps the Peace, We Help"

Post by pennybug84 »

jj1706 wrote:Love Seth and I'm writing a fanfic about him but I'm confused about his year of birth. It seems there are references to him being 15 in 2006 but the Lexicon says he was born in 1992, which would mean he was 14 in 2006. Where (and in which book) does it say how old he is, or when he was born? Am I just getting the movies mixed up with the books or something??? They make him sound so young all the time so I'm guessing he's got to be more than just one year younger than Jacob but I don't know....
Well according to the Official Illustrated Guide he was born in 1992. It does give an exact b-day just the year.
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