Edward or Jacob, who would you choose for you?

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Re: Edward or Jacob, who would you choose for you?

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peppermintmeg wrote:Oh, Jacob! Of course! To me, Edward is too moody and tortured. I like my men fun and full of life!
Excatly!!! Someone who understand :D
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Re: Edward or Jacob, who would you choose for you?

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I would choose Edward! Even before Edward became Edward (before I knew anything about Edward and Twilight) I wanted a guy like Edward! I want a guy who is a little old-fashioned like a guy who will hold doors open for me and is willing to pay for things! I want a guy who is smart, trusting, protective, and of course good looking lol! I know Edward seems a little too protective, but he loves Bella and he wants her to be safe! I want a guy who would be willing to do anything to keep me safe! Edward is really respectful and Jacob seems immature (I know he's still young so it's okay for him to act like any normal teen would, and Edward has lived forever so that's why he is more mature), I would want someone who is more responsible! Edward seems like the perfect guy to me and he has everything I've always dreamed of! That probably sounds really cheesy, but I still hope for things like that!

I hate how people are switching teams because of Taylor's looks! Both Rob and Taylor are good looking and are perfect as their characters, but I've loved Edward ever since I read the books! I couldn't stand Jacob and even though Taylor makes a great Jacob, I'm still Team Edward and it will always stay that way! :)
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