Did you get someone to read Twilight?

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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Carrisa »

I've got a guy friend of mine considering borrowing my copies of the series. Kudos to his sister for buying the DVD and getting him to watch it! He said he felt it was a 7 out 10 and that he's actually looking forward to the rest of the movies and was even thinking about reading the series; that's when I made my move by offering my books for loan. ;) I'm not sure how he will feel about them in the end since I don't see Twilight as his type of series but I'll see what I can do!
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by MeglovesTwilight »

I think I've almost convinced another one of my friends to read it! We watched Twilight this afternoon. Afterwards she was like I'm going to buy this before I go home. I was like "You should read the books too!!" I mean I love the movie but with the books you get even more emotion in it and I think everyone should experience both. So we'll see if she buys the books, but I have a feeling she will =)
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by TillyWhitlock »

I got my sister to read it.
Which in turn got my mom to read it.
Which in turn got my other sister to read it.
Then my niece read it.
So her mom, and my oldest sister, had to read it.
Then her grandmother read it.
Then my fiance read it.

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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by topazeyes2 »

Yeah my best friend amd one of my teachers.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by -Jasper »

My mum is half way through it now, and my brother is up to Eclipse. Pretty soon it will be my whole family who've read twilight!
I don't think my teachers would read it though.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by KikiMasenCullen »

I've read all four of them four times...haha. I got two girls I work with at work to read them. Mostly, everyone I know has already read them....but hey, there's always more time.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by jesscaa »

Hah I got my dad to read it, which was kind of awkward when he got to BD and knew how much I loved the book. :?
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by comicazi »

I've gotten tons of my friends to read Twilight. The ones who shot it down originally ended up reading it after all when they announced the movie. Typical, right?
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by x. Jessica-Louise .x »

one of my best friends watched the dvd over the weekend and now shes going to read the books so that another one to add to my list!
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Jadey »

Two of my friends came to me and asked if they could borrow Twilight..
and I was like sure...
But never gave them my copy

I don't let anyone borrow my books.

And I asked them why not just go out and buy a copy..
Cheapskates. They said they might end up not liking it and dont wanna pay for it.
$20.. aint that expensive for the precious, holy book
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