Did you get someone to read Twilight?

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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Dovrebanen »

I didn't really get anyone to read the books. But today out of the blue my boyfriend says: "So, this Bella Swan, is she going out with both Cullen and the werewolf at the same time? Do they know about each other?" And a bunch of other questions..Like "is Jacob into cars as well?" So..clearly he had been skimming some pages in of one the books on my nightstand. Ugh..I was just embarressed even talking about it with him :oops: Because I know he really couldn't care less about vampires and werewolves. He's just so darned curious about these books I'm obsessing about. And slightly akward for me to explain how you turn into a vampire, since that is not something one usually talks about in a normal conversation. And you can't explain it without sounding like a complete lunatic really :lol: Just have to wait and see if he reads some more..But I really hope not. This is my thing.

And I'm with you Jadey: I would never loan out my books. People just don't return things always. And if they do, it takes forever. I want my books safe in my own home.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by i am bella »

seeing as she never brings a book to cpr (choice personal reading), i had my friend amanda read twilight, at first she said she hated it even though shed never read it or even given it a chance, but she had no choice because our homeroom teacher had nothing else, and she ended up liking it! =D
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by youcrazything »

My boyfriend tolerates my addiction ( he went and saw the movie in the theater 3 times!) and will let me babble about it and sometimes ask me questions about it. The only thing he won't do is read it, lol.

I did however get my best friend to read it... she got really into it... I'm loaning her BD tomorrow :D
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Renesmee_Bella »

I got my two best friends to read it. One of them is Peanut! :D Known on the lex as bemywerewolf. Unfortunately though, some of my other friends hate Twilight bitterly. One of them even took my Eclipse book (roughly) and threw it in the trash. I had to fish it out through my tears. *sigh*


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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Shemxy_Vampire »

I converted a heap of people from school last October by showing them the movie trailer, then not allowing them to watch it again unless they read the books. No one will be an Edward fangirl with me, though :cry: One of my friends read it in one night and the next day she was squealing "I love Edward!"
*happy sigh* Then, after the summer holidays, she had finished the rest of the books and claimed that Jacob was better. *depressed sigh* I suppose it is better than hanging around Twilight haters...
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by roo-roo91 »

yup. i got my older brotehr to read.
he still ahsn't finished twilight, but i'm going to find some way to get him to pay attention to the book more.
that way he can finish the series. i've read them all twice, but i plan on reading them more often soon.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by chirogirl »

I got my mother hooked on the series and she never reads books....funny part was that she finished them before I did!! I also got 2 of my friends to read the books! I have told countless people about them, so I am sure that I have convinced many others to read them too!
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by cassis_rose »


Another person, my youngest brother this time. I was laughing when he said he wanted to read Twilight. He's only 10! Well, let's hope he can understand the words inside. :)
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

Like my whole entire school!

My science teacher too.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by sarah! »

Lots of people at school and church. :)
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