Did you get someone to read Twilight?

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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Lirpa »

People at work. One of which was a total non-twilight fan, well worse than that, she said nothing but bad things about it. But she finished Breaking Dawn last night and is now a big twilight fan. One is starting her second time through, now that she has her own set of books. Another is on New Moon, and told me today she is not a fan of Jacob and wants Edward to come back, I explained that she would be considered "Team Edward" There are 2 more in line for my books, but I want to read a third time through before I give them away again.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by despoina92 »

I got my sister watch the movie! She really hates everything that I like but today went to get the DVD and told her that we were going to see it and later she aksked me herself to put the movie on! We've just finished watching it. And she loved it! She rarely reads books and now I'm trying to make her read the books. She realy loved it, actually. She was constantly aking me about the Cullens and stuff... Now I'm gonna show the movie to my mom tomorrow...
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

It's fun to convince my friends.
Because they realize how amazing it is.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by tinuviel2006 »

I got two friends to read the books, and then they both bought them immediately! One of my friends watched the Twilight movie with me and she really loved it even though she never heard of the books before. My mother read the first two books, and now I'm convincing her to read the other two.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Uushia »

It took me about a year but I got my boyfriend(now husband) to read Twilight after suggesting it maybe 1000 times. He caved and quickly went thruough all four book and the novella for Bree. He's gone to seen all the movies with me and even help me out on some of my roleplays on forums.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by ArtyLinz »

I've got my other half to read it, and also loads of people at work! They all love it.... They took some convincing as I think a lot of people see it as aimed at young/teen girls, but it is a lot more sophisticated than that.

I've also managed to get my Mum to watch the films and she loves it, will have to try convince her to read the books now.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by 21Twilight21 »

I got my cousin to read the books :)!

I got lots of people in my family to watch the movies lol! It's soo difficult to get people in my family to read, and when they see how thick the Twilight books are it's even more difficult lol!
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Silver Rose »

When I was in the 8th grade, I tried to get my two best friends to read the books, but they never listened and they said they had no intrest in the books. I still kept telling them to read them and finally one of them decided to read them. She really liked them and we always talking about them. I think my other friend wanted felt left out so she read them too. She also liked them a lot. I remember telling them that I told them they were good.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by Kiri »

I started the whole Twilight craze in my group.
My sisters, mother, aunt, husband and at least 4 friends have all borrowed my books.
Each and every single one of them liked it. Even the one's who thought they wouldn't.
My husband even read them all twice.
Which is surprising since he is a twenty-something year old "manly" type of guy.
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Re: Did you get someone to read Twilight?

Post by sophie-loucullen »

So my two best friends thought I'd gone mad at first when I officially became a twi-hard! :D After a while, and mostly because I talked about it that much, I got them to watch the first film. They both loved it and one wanted to borrow my books, so it turned into her having to beg me for once because I really hate it when I have to part with them! :blush:

My mum and little brother wanted to read them aswell after I made them watch Twilight, Mum tried but decided it was too complicated to keep up with, which I didn't understand at all?! :?
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