SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

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Re: SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

I find it interesting how everyone else liked that Meyer's vampires could go out in the sun. While it was essential to the story and is part of what made it unique, I personally am a fan of the darker, gothic novel vampires with chalky skin and coffins. Really, I don't like to compare them, because they're so different; it's like comparing apples to maces.

Don't get me wrong, I like that Meyer was original, and it opened up a whole new story that hadn't been explored much before, but if I'm in the mood to read about vampires, I want to read about dark, musty, die-in-the-sunlight vampires. Just my opinion there. :mrgreen:
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Re: SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

Post by clpviolet »

ringswraith wrote:
Bit of trivia- the actress who plays that reporter in Moonlight, was also in the first season of Angel, as a police officer.
Sorry, but actually the actress who played Kate Lockley on Angel was Elisabeth Rohm.

The actress who played Beth Turner on Twilight was Sophia Miles.....and she was also in the movie Underworld.

Just had to clear that up.....If you have read my other posts, then you know I tend to watch TOO much tv and it was bugging me cause I didnt remember that the two characters were played by the same actress, so I looked it up :oops: :geek:

And I have read Anne Rice, Loved Buffy/Angel and Moonlight. I like them all for being their own mythical twist on vampires.
Not one of them is exactly the same. SM's vamps are just another version of this mythical being.

I bought the Vampire diaries and plan on reading it as soon as I can get to it, but since I have been buying books like a shopping junkie and reading like nothing lately, (cause I'm on the computer all the time when I'm not working) I dont have an exact ETR(estimated time of reading) on when.
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Re: SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

Post by ringswraith »

Oh, good catch. They were just made to look so much alike, I automatically assumed it was the same actress. :)
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Re: SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

Post by Gen4Cullens »

Yeah, so I have always been a huge fan of the Anne Rice-style traditional vampire. Still am, but I love SM's vamps.
I've read so many series...Twilight, of course, Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz, the House of Night series by P.C. & Kristin Cast, Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels, Anne Rice, tried to get into Vampire Diaries books...have settled on the TV I watched Buffy, Angel, LOVE True get the drift.
What I love about the Twilight vampires is that the traditional blood-sucking, preying on human ones exist...but you also have the more humanitarian vegetarian vamps. They are easy to relate to, and I think that is part of what has made them so easy for so many to fall in love with them.
Normal vamps don't sparkle, or stay awake 24-7, or go out in the sun. I think that is part of what gets me...a normal vampire is so much more...mortal...than the Twilight vamps. Regardless of age or extra abilities (some traditional vamps can fly...etc...), they can still take a stake to the heart or burn in the sun. The Twilight vamps are so much more human in their interactions and daily lives, yet virtually indestructible.
Most of all...I love that there is a new vampire world to delve into,
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Re: SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

Post by vampyre_princess »

Okay so I'm a massive fan of PC and Kristen Casts vampire series (in which vampire is spelt vampyre) House of Night, in these books the vampyres go through a genetic change and stay a fledgling for 2-4 years it is amazing and addictive there are links at the bootom of the page so you can read about each of the books (and the next one!)
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Re: SM's Vampires Vs. Other Vampires

Post by HarryTuttle »

Has anyone seen the 1985 Sci-fi horror thriller with Patrick Stewart called "Lifeforce"? now there's a very different kind of vampire and zombie movie that shows that a race of nude alien humanoids came to Earth thousands of years ago and became the origins to vampires and zombies including Count Dracula. These vampires don't have fangs or suck blood like the usual vampire or burn up in the sun as they are not undead but alien as they use electric energy to drain energy out of people to transform them into zombies.

It's a fun, erotic and violent Sci-fi horror movie that is a unique spin on the myth of vampires and zombies. If you want a movie that is different on the legend of vampires i recommend this movie. The vampires are similar to Cullen only more alien and they don't shine like disco balls in the sun.
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