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Post by PixieStix »

Twi bahahaha so funny...
Okay I havn't written in ages so uhm don't expect this to be good

Carlisle:Bella help me move Jacob so the sofa
LNM:I'll help too *drool* *twitch twitch*
Bella:Oh Nessie your so helpfull.

*lifts Jacob*

LNM:*freaky twisted smile, drooling*
Carlisle:Jacob *waves hand infront of Jakes face*
Jacob: Huh,ohh I had such a weird dream there wa--
LNM:*freaky twisted smile* *twitches eye* *drool* Jacooobbb *gurgle*
Jacob:What the hell is THAT*points at Nessie*
Bella: :o What?Jacob its Nessie,
Bella: :evil: Now Jacob,you imprited on her
Jacob:Well I must have hit my head becasue I did not imprint on that slimey peice of--
LNM:*twitch* Jake het me touch your cheek *drool,eye twitch*
Jake:wdf?No get away you freak
Bella:JAKE? :o

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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by Tegan »

*squee* How cute! Hello Mum and Daughter. Gee, I bet that you didn't even know that you posted next to each other. *shakes head sadly*

Bella: Jake, stop being so mean to my precious Nessie
Jake: Dude, Nessie did not always look like that o.O
LNM: *gurgles* Yes I have *drool**gurgle*
Jake: So, you mean to say that time I-
LNM: I love you Jakey *snuggles in close*
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by G-Faerie08 »

Part of the honeymoon that we didn't get to read..

**Bella is in bed waiting under the covers while Edward is in the bathroom..**

Bella: Are you almost done? I am about to fall asleep..

Something falls down in the bathroom and hits the floor.
Edward: I am trying to get this thing on but its so hard. I've never had to put one of these things on before.

**Another crash sounds in the bathroom**

Bella: They are not that hard to put on Edward. Just slip it in, and you're done. Besides, I thought you didn't need to wear one of those things anyway..

Edward: I know, but I think it will help give me a little bit more precision.

**With those final words, Edward comes out of the bathroom finally and lays down next to Bella.**

Bella: Oh its so....cute.

Edward: Cute? You think its cute? Guys don't like to hear something about them that is "cute". I can understand if you were talking about my hair, or my shirt..but not this Bella..

Bella: *Groans* Well, Edward when you put on a retainer that you don't even need in the first place, what else am I supposed to say? I don't think you need any more "precision" when you go hunting..You're are pretty precise as it is..

HAHAHA...I bet when you guys were reading, you thought that Edward was putting something else on..Get you minds out of the gutter people ;) I also realize that I think I posted this to the wrong place, but the idea just came to me so I had to post it!
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by museicalking »

wow- skits are awesome... dang it, wish i was in a inspirational mood... ill get back to the thread to add something. :mrgreen:
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by Twilight<3 »

Jacob: I need to get away from this madness for a moment. I have to run.
LNM: Farewell memories? *holding out hand*
Jacob: *shudder* No.
LNM: *creepy stare* All right then. *drool**eye twitch*
Jacob: *shudder and runs out door phasing into a werewolf*

*Now wolf.. and so is Seth*
Jacob: *thinking of memories Nessie showed him*
Seth: Oh my freaking god! What the hell is that?! You are one sick dog.
Jacob: Ugh! Do you think I'd actually think like that? Nessie *shudder* showed them to me.
Seth: What'd you do to her?
Jacob: I don't know... but we need to form a plan to destory her. Mwahaha!
Seth: Mwahaha! Er, I feel stupid.
Jacob: You sound stupid, too. Now, let's plan.

There you go, I set up a plot for you and for something to happen. How will Jake "destroy" Nessie? Although the green and blue and black and red and etcetera was a lot of fun, let's think of a new way, okay? I'm getting sick of the redundant stories. A new lex and a new thread deserves some new, crazy ideas! Crazy being the key word.
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by WinniePony »

Aww, why doesn't Jakey like Nessie anymore? So sad!! :cry:

Seth: Great plan! You always have the best ideas.
Jake: Of course I do. I'm the alpha, remember? You are like required to love me.
Seth: Ew man. Visuals.
Jake: *winces*

Bella: Oh Nessie, your new coloring suits you perfectly!
LNM: Really? *eye twitch* I always wondered what I *drool* would look like in green.
Bella: It is SO your color.
Alice: So you know what that means.
LNM: No... *eye twitch*
Alice: We need to go SHOPPING!
Bella: *groans*
Rosalie: Did someone say shopping?!
Alice: Of course!!
Carlisle: ME TOO!
Rosalie: But only if you PROMISE not to debate the all important issue: Summer or Winter. That is SO last skits thread.
Emmett: *whining* But Rosie!
Alice: No! We are shopping for Nessie and Nessie only!
Rosalie: Really?
Alice: Well... almost. I DO need new shoes.
Rosalie: Now you're talking.
Carlisle: I don't want to come anymore.
Emmett: Me neither.
LNM: *eye twitch* Was it something I said?
Bella: Of course not Nessie! Now you have fun with Auntie Alice and Rosalie.
Rosalie: Not so fast Bella.
Alice: Of course you're coming. You don't get out of it THAT easily.
Alice: *evil smile* Edward can't save you now.

*Bella, Alice, LNM, and Rosalie drive off in the Ferrari*
Jake:Crap! They're getting away!
Seth: So let's follow them.
Jake: Will you leave the brilliant ideas to me?
Seth: Sorry mister most high alpha sir.
Jake: And my idea is... LET'S FOLLOW THEM!
Seth: Glad you thought of it.
Jake: *smug smile*

Dun dun dun dun. What will happen on the shopping trip? Will Jake and Seth succeed? Is Nessie's color REALLY green? Or is it something... else. Muahahahaha. Sorry, that was lame. :oops:
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by Artemis Cullen »

Hey guys. I'm back! :D Awesome skits by the way! :lol:
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by Princess_Bella »

okie, so i haven't written one in like, forever and a day, so sorry if its bad :D

Edward: Bella....senses.....tingleing.....
Jasper O_o
Edward: need......cocco puffs? :S
Jasper: *snicker*

Alice: ok, so she's green, so we should buy her.....BLUE!
Rosalie: oh yes anything blue!
Bella: doesnt she have enough?
Alice and Rose: NO! :evil:
Bella: ok, god. just sayin.

*with Jake and Seth on some random highway*
Seth: *pant, pant, pant* ohh lookie! its a bird!
Jake: seth...
Seth: run run run, oh how i love to run
Jake: SETH...
Seth: im gettin kinda hungry :?
Seth: sorry...

i know, its short, but that all i got for now

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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by debussygirl »

You guys are so funny! Unfortunately I'm not and when I try to be I just sound stupid so I'll just be enjoying your amazingness.
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Re: Twilight Skits

Post by Twilight<3 »

Yes! Us "veterans" are taking over the skits thread again. Mwahaha! Prepare for mayhem!

Edward: AAAAH!!!!
Jasper: What? What? What's wrong?
Edward: Stay away from there!!!
Jasper: What are you talking about?
Edward: Trix are for kids, you nosy rabbit.
Jasper: Oh for the love of my love handle.
Edward: :shock: You have a love handle?
Jasper: *shifty eyes* No.

Meanwhile... Jacob and Seth finally make it to the mall.
Jacob: Do you see them anywhere?
Seth: Oh. My. God.
Jacob: What is it?
Seth: What? What were you saying?
Jacob: You just said "Oh my god."
Seth: Erm.. no I didn't. Jacob, are you starting to go insane? I think you are.
Jacob: *shakes head* That doesn't matter now. I don't smell vampires in the area. UGH!
Seth: Well maybe that's because this is the East Mall. I thought they were going west when we saw that Ferrari.
Jacob: Bu- you said they were going east.
Seth: No, I said the ice cream truck was and to follow it.
Jacob: You idiot!

*Jacob and Seth start running west*

At the real mall...
Alice: Oh my god, shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Let's get some shoes. These shoes rule. These shoes suck. These shoes rule. These shoes suck. *breaks out dancing*
Rosalie: Oh god. :roll:
Bella: What is wrong with her?
Nessie: Well, I touched her.
Everyone in mall: *stops* *gasps* *goes about their day*
Bella: So about lunch...

Sorry, it's late...
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