How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Artemis Cullen »

thisheartitbeats1 wrote:in a few ways.

but most of all, she made me realize that just because our boys don't live in the times of good manners and chivalry, we shouldn't lower our expectations and settle just because jerks are the only boys interested at the time. honestly, a lot of guys are getting lazy and disrespectful, and twilight reminded me that just because it's socially acceptable for guys to be idiots doesn't mean that i should accept it. i shouldn't let just any guy slide by with a horrible attitude just because he likes me. i think it's time we raised the bar back up and expected more from the guys of our generation. every girl deserves her own edward, and some seem okay that they're getting a james. not cool.
Nicely said, I totally agree with you. :) Time to raise the bar! :D ....

Stephenie motivated me to pick up my dream of becoming a writer, I had stopped writting about 3 years ago because I didn't have motivation or any good ideas. And now I do. So I have begun to write again, even if it's only 'Twilight' Fan-fic, I have to take small steps. :D
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by twilighter1193 »

After reading Twilight i was inspired to write... I had enjoyed writing before but reading twilight really brought it out in me.
I'm a very imaginative person and i have lots of ideas i just never really got them down
So Stephenie inspired be to keep all of my ideas down on paper!
i LOVE twilight <3;
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?/ midnight sun

Post by Night_Dreamer08 »

I hope that Stephenie reads this ... she has inspired me in many ways From writing even if its just for me or for others. I like her books so that I told my friend and others about it and got them hook as well as made some friends too. she’s a role model to me and I love and support her and her work. I talk about her in school and to anyone and about the books.

And I wanted her to know that I feel bad for what happen about Midnight sun and it being out on the internet w/out her consent, Now I’m not just saying this for me but for my friends who know about it and others as well and I think some of the other fans will agree, but It sucks and I agree that it wasn’t right at all.

I want Stephanie to know that I hope she will continue Midnight sun and not hold the book indefinitely, cuz I know I wont be the only one that will be sad/ mad that its might not be coming out and I thinks its unfair that it was ruined for everyone else.

And for FYI I did not know that a partial draft of Midnight Sun was out till I read about it on the lexicon and her official web site. the only thing I read of Midnight sun was when the first chapter sample was on the official web, page and I love it, and could not wait for the book to come out and now that it might not ever be out …puts me in a bad mood.

So Stephenie if u do read this or come across this, know that your fans and I love you and your books and I hope that you DO continue the book or books and I also can’t wait for any other books you will write in the future, and know that you'v inspired me and I support u.

A disappointed :cry: :x /supportive fan :) .
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Casanova »

This is a funny story actually. So I just finished reading Twilight and it's been on my mind since I turned that final page. So, naturally, I was thinking about it at class today. It so happened that in my acting class, we were practicing with being comfortable with the actresses, so breaking personal barriers so that you're not afraid to really get into the scene with your co-actors. Our first exercise involved us with our faces inches apart mirroring each others movements, again, to get inside their comfort zone.

Now Twilight was on my mind, so I decided to try something (keep in mind that I am in no means bragging). I did my best Edward impersonation of his golden stare, even flashed his crooked smile.

I couldn't believe the effect it had.

My partner became lost, not able to look away as I gingerly pressed her fingertips with mine. She was so enthralled that the teacher pointed out to the class how good a job she was doing in the exercise, yet she didn't even acknowledge him.

Now, I'm sure I didn't match the impression of Stephanie Meyer's valiant vampire and all his perfection, but I'd never seen things like that worked outside novels.

Again, not bragging or anything in any way, just thought it was a funny story.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Nightvision »

Well for me SM has shown me how to look for that one person and to never let them out of your sight. Before I was just the average male looking for the hottest girl and passing up the one who fit me better than the rest.

Also she showed me that we amles need to show our emotions more and not hide them trying to be macho and all.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Casanova »

Oh don't mistake me for acting macho, I never would wanna do such a thing, and I certainly don't think I can just walk around and "dazzle" people. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have posted that story. My goal for love is to find my Bella, and I'll keep looking till I find her.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by ashleygill03 »

I'm going to pick up all the books on SM's recommended read list (listed on her website) because well.... the girl's got good taste!
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Wicked Willow »

Yes she has, Stephenie has made me want to write my own books on vampiers but I'm scared to death to do it( no pun intend lol)But I have never done it so I'm not really sure how to go about it. anyone with an idea. I wasnt think "Twlight"fan fic but something else along that line though.for along while I have had something bounceing around up there and not sure how to go about it. She makes it look easy. Not sure I know how lol so Help lol
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by spookybell »

Stephenie has inspired me deeply. I didn't cry reading the books. I cried when I read her Bio. I am about her age and I have files of chapters of books. I have always wanted to be a writer. Usually, I get bored after a while and my characters loose interest to me. Stephenie gives me hope that one day I can and will be a published author.

The weird thing is, I have a few chapters of a story that never went anywhere. The only thing I knew for sure was there was a meadow in the middle of a forest and there were fairies. Weird hu? However my meadow had 6 paths leading ito it, some went in circles and lead you back to the meadow. Some led you directly somehwere that I can't remember. One lead you someplace special. Maybe there were 7 paths... I can't remember. It was an enchanted place. When I read that chapter, it of Edward and Bella's meadow, I was in a strange awe.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by AliceLauren »

If it wasn't for Stephenie Meyer, I wouldn't have a life. And I would probably be mean.

Ever since I read the Twilight Saga, I fell in love with it so much that every day I try to be more like Bella and Alice. I try to be nicer and smarter :D I have really gotten better about being nice and I feel that I enjoy life more now. It's nice to step away from everything and look at all your problems differently. I seem to now look at everything differently now... almost like Alice, I am so optimistic.

Well, obviously, if it weren't for Stephenie we would all be lost souls without a common obsessive interest: TWILIGHT :D

But Steph got me to read again. I used to love to read, and then I never ever read. I swear, I went like 4 years without reading a book for enjoyment. But now I've learned that there are actually books out there that I do enjoy and can read for fun.

And, and, and, well I'm not saying that I have a life now, but I have more of a life. If it weren't for Stephenie Meyer, I would sit on my couch all day and watch TV. Now, I just read :lol: I am also WAY more productive. I have taken to my studies with a new look. I try to be like Bella and be smarter.

Thank you Stephenie so much. You really and truly have turned my life around. It's amazing.
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