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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by wittyheroine »

So, I've got a bunch of photoshopped stuff that I've made and so I thought that I'd post them here and see what you think.
A page with a bunch of my avatars that I've made posted on it.
Here's a Bella background.
There's a background made for Carlisle, inspired by his being from England obviously...
An Emmett background. Him and a bear...
A Jasper background, themed for his past...

I've got more I'll post later. Tell me if you like my stuff. If you want something made, or to use something, just ask me . Hope you like them. :)

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by chrichelle »

I'm never quite sure if what I do qualifies for the places I'm posting it. LOL! But, under my sig, there is a link to the fanfic I'm working on. So far there is just one chapter. I'm working on No.2 right now. Had to take a break, ya know?

It's called "Into the Night" and is the story of my OC, Chrichelle and her love with Aro. It's kinda a.. how to put it nicely... compilation of a couple movies & Twilight. Just so everyone knows, I'm not good at writing in character. So Aro might not be so Aro-esque when I'm writing. LOL! But hey, whoever controls the pen, controls the universe. Yes? No? Yes?

Anywho... Check it out and give me some feedback?
Into the Night Aro & OC fanfic by yours truely. Work in progress, FYI

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by LeesaM »

Hi guys!
In addition to my other 2 stories, I've started this one:

Summary: Charlie insists Bella go camping with the Cullens, in order to
acclimate herself with the great outdoors. After all, the Cullens are
practically revered in town for their family camping trips, so they must know
what they're doing, right? *Post Eclipse

Hope you enjoy! :D

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by lovvetwilight »

Wow, some of the stories here are really great!!

I love shamelessly plugging. Its what I do :]

Here is my story Bad Girl Bella:
It's pretty OOC for all characters involved, though I mostly tried to stay in character for Edward. Bella is VEERY OOC, of course. It's pretty light. It would absolutely make my existance if people would R&R. Especially the second R :) << please press

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by leahroselover »

I re-wrote the meadow scene somewhat and I was wondering if it was a good change or if I just ruined a great scene.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by RebeccaCullen »

Knew there had to be a thread to get others to check out one's fanfic's. Anyways here is my first fanfic. Um, it's taken from Jake's point of view after Bella went and brought Edward back to Forks.

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by ohmyedward01 »

Please, check this out! :)
My fanfiction profile is
My first, and only, fanfiction you will see there is Nessie's Journey. Summary: This is Renesmee Cullen's story, approximately 50 years after the end of Breaking Dawn. Join Renesmee on an adventure including school, friends, family, and much more!
I appreciate both good and bad feedback, so please critique! :D
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by wittyheroine »

Okay, so I just started writing my first Twilight fanfic and it's only four chapters long right now. Anyway...

Title: Why Pencils Make Very Useful Weapons
In which Bella Swan moves to Forks, meets Edward Cullen, finds him incredibly rude, and also finds that she cannot stop stabbing him with pencils because he cannot stop making annoying comments.

link: ... ul_Weapons

So, please read and review. Hope you like it. :)

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Stupidshinyvolvowner »

Hey Everyone,

I decided to attempt to write a fanfic. I published the prologue and the first chapter on

It's all human, but I am trying to stay in character as much as possible. I'm really bad at write summaries, but the basic idea of Twilight stays the same. Edward still believes that he is a monster, but for a different reason.

I love for anyone to read it, and tell me what you think, if I should continue, if you have any ideas, whatever you think.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Mischievous Alice »

I wrote a fanfic one-shot that's based on what Stephenie Meyer wrote for Edward's POV in New Moon.

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