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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by clumsy_bella »

Podcasts are free on iTunes, and you can subscribe to them so each new episode is downloaded automatically. Sometimes the podcasts have a website, and you can listen to them on there. For example, Imprint's website is

I love Imprint :D and I love the people on it. I am an avid Mugglecast listener, so Imprint was just like it except they were talking about Twilight.
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by twilighter4eva »

MissV327 wrote:Can someone tell me where I can listen to these podcasts? Is there a website? Also - do you have to have an ipod to listen to them? Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!
yes, go to for imprint, and you can search on itunes for the others. most of the podcasts have thier own sites, so if you know the name of the podcast, search that on google or whatever.
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by msbrit90 »

Twilight Series Theories
love it, love it, LOVE IT
lol go listen if you don't already :D
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by mandycullen »

I love Twilighters Anonymous! It's like they're all over the place, but they're organized at the same time. :lol:
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by applesgopurple »

im really into beautiful monsters,
and twilight series theories.

of course, that is when i get the time to listen to them :3
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by TeamCullen26 »

I've just recently checked out the Fire & Ice podcast, it's done by a few austrailian girls... they have some good info and discussions on there.
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by bite-me »

I love listening to Phases!
I've not really check out any other Twilight podcasts atm.

I think I'll give Twilight Series Theories a listen.
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by spookybell »

what? There are Twilight poscasts???

off to open itunes...

Help - there are a bunch of podcasts. are some better than others. Suggestions please!!!!
I am downloading those suggested by all of you who posted above :)

No, I was wrong - no more suggestions. Post if you hear something really good thought. I just downloaded 38 podcasts... and I don't know when I am going to listen to them since I am currently listening to Audio Twilight.

Twilight has taken over my life!
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by Apple »

i have tried a bunch, but the only one i stick with is twilight series theories. the girls who host is are really funny, and discuss a lot of topics at length, which i really enjoy.
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Re: Twilight Podcasts

Post by Marcy »

Twilight Series Theories For the Win!

Kallie and Kassie live in my area, and they meet up with a group of about 10 of us once a month to get together and fangirl, and they are both hilarious.

By far my favorite Twilight Podcast out there!
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