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Re: Beta Readers

Post by shatarah »

Seeking Beta-Reader(s) for: Twilight Based Fan-Fiction set months after the end of Breaking Dawn (one new main character introduced - Forks), a Twilight Based Fan-Fiction set several years after the end of Breaking Dawn (two new characters introduced - Maverick, HS setting), and an original work based on vampire lore in general.

I am looking specifically for Beta-Readers who will respect the privacy of my work until it is completed. I understand that two of the pieces are fan-fiction, but I want to share them (and my original work) when they are completed with the mass population. I do have all three of these projects being written virtually at the same time, as my writing mood does tend to shift.

As a beta-reader, you will be reading as I write. I would prefer that a beta-reader only choose one of the three that are available to be read. I have provided a small snippet from each of them below to give an idea of each to help any potential readers decide.

Please send me private messages with the format previously posted in this thread (or a link to one you've already posted somewhere) and include which you would like to beta if you're interested. - Thank you.

Fan-Fiction #1:
He looked at me, his murderous gaze now directed at me. There was a shift in his demeanor as he inhaled deeply. I felt my instincts screaming at me to run away from him. He was more than he seemed. I pushed the feelings away as he walked away from the girl towards me, but couldn’t help taking a step back.

I didn’t see him move, but I felt his teeth cut through the flesh of my neck and his cold arms around me. What was he doing? Oh, God… I knew what he was doing and what he was in that moment. Even in my fear, I could feel the coldness of his body I was held tightly against as my blood flowed slowly from me into him.

“Run…” I whimpered softly. My consciousness was starting to waver. I looked passed the monster that was draining my life at the curve of my neck to the little chocolate-eyed girl who was staring mortified. “Run… please…” I pleaded.

“Jacob!” the little girl screamed. “Someone, help her!”

Fan-Fiction #2:
In the distance two vehicles, unknown to me, pulled into the school’s parking lot. I moved down the stairs to the sidewalk and waited patiently as they got out. I felt my breath stop momentarily, a reaction I couldn’t help but quickly regained control of. They were all so beautiful. This was the Cullen family, no doubt and they certainly were going to be quite the talk of the school but my hopes of not being badgered were completely out of the question.

I waited for them to get their first impressions of the school taken in before approaching. I demanded my voice to behave as I felt it wanting to falter in my throat as I approached. They were all very aware of my presence, even though they seemed to be trying to hide it.

“Welcome to Maverick High School.” I greeted. I glanced over them, counting to make sure they were all eight were present. “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you.”

Original Work:
I often wondered if the crazed vampire that brought me into this world would have had any inkling of what I would ultimately become. Not that he lived to see it much longer than my initial awakening – he was the first person I’d ever killed, even if it was accidental. I never did learn his name, his life ended too quickly when my eyes had opened and my hunter instincts took over.

I rolled over to my other side trying to get comfortable, when I saw him staring from the shadows of my room. His body was rigid and still, obviously hoping I hadn’t actually seen him – I’d play along for now. I yawned again, stupid human involuntary actions. I could sense his movements as my human vision was slightly marred with the yawn.

I warily pushed myself up from my bed, my covers still clinging to my shoulders before falling away as my feet touched the cold floor. I could feel him moving, he wasn’t really sure of his intent now. His victim being awake and moving around must have caught him off guard. He was a fool to begin with, trying to hunt down your prey while there were others still awake and within range to hear an attack should the prey get out a scream.
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by ChalakChalak »

I'm in dire need of a beta reader.
Pen name: ChalakChalak
Story type- Pre-Twilight
Character- Edward based story.

I need a beta that knows Edward better than Edward himself (if he was real...) The point is that I want to explain why Edward is the obsessive, protective, and crazy character that we've come to love in the Twilight sagas by viewing his life through his eyes. The story that i've written is done but I am more than willing to accept any new ideas my beta will give me. I've NEVER written in first person POV so i need said lovely beta to be skillful at First person POV too 'cause I know I've made major mistakes. The story is rated T at most, nothing too big, just a bit of gore and angst.
Please e-mail if interested (the plot bunny won't leave me!) at

All the best,
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by Twilight<3 »

Hello, I am looking for a beta reader.
I apologize but it has nothing to do with Twilight or any other book. It is an original idea. I started writing it for NaNoWriMo but became swamped with homework so, alas, I could not finish it. However, I really enjoyed writing it and I feel like it's a good story. I definitely feel it has potential.

A little bit about my story:
It's about two characters: Esaniel and Cheherazade. Esaniel is a demon who was condemned to a life in hell, but he did nothing wrong. He was born into it and God refuses to give him a chance in heaven, so he has very bitter feelings towards God and Heaven. Cheherazade, or Poppy, becomes wrapped up in Esaniel's world and, after seeing everything, there is no turning back for her anymore.
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by JasperRocks3000 »

I need a beta for my current story Falling in More Ways Than One ... s_Than_One
It is a Jasper and Alice story .
It's uncannon because
I have them meeting after Edward and Bella . Jasper is already with the cullens when they meet . Alice is Human when they meet .

Here's a bit of the story cause I don't do summarries very well .

It was Alice's first day at the Quill High faded yellow VW convertible stood out in the parking lot. The school was small. It couldn't have had more than five hundred students. "Hey.” Alice finally realized she had bumped into somebody.

"I'm sorry,” she said holding up the map trying to convey that she was busy trying to find her way, “I didn't see you there.” The boy she had walked into smiled. She studied him for a moment, finally taking him she realized he was actually kinda handsome. He was tall but not too tall [You have to realize everybody's tall to Alice] 5'6 she thought. He had medium length redish blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

"No problem. Hi I'm Nick. Can I help you find your next class " He asked looking down at her.

" Yes, please. Thank You " She answered handing him the map and her schedule.

"History. Sweet that's my next class to. Can I walk you there?"
Oh my gosh this cute guy wants to walk me to class! Breathe , Alice , Breathe . Say yes Alice .Let this guy walk you to class with that she took the arm he'd extended toward her and said "Yes , That'd be great . Thank You !" With that they started walking towards their history class.
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by Maira »

Name: Maira
Beta Experience: Minimal. I read a lot, and do a fair amount of hand-editing in life.
Strengths: I'm very scrupulous about grammar.
Weaknesses: I get distracted sometimes, and if your fic is really bad, I'll probably tell you so and stop reading.
What ratings will you do?: Any. I'll do R if you can convince me, and if it's well written.
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon): Any.
What Fandoms will you do?: Any.
Will you do crossovers?: Yeah, sure. Why not?
Availability: I'm on every day. Send me a message and I'll give you my e-mail. I have about ten hours a week I can be online, more I can read with, plus a little illegal time at night...
Do you write? (link to own fics): I write. Not fanfics, and I definitely don't share them, at least online. I'm all right at writing...
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by bellacullen51 »

I desperately need a beta reader!
If anyone wants to, PM me either here or on
I'm Bellawhitlock51
My URL is


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Re: Beta Readers

Post by vampqueen101 »

Name: Lulu
Beta Experience: When you read books like me, people will hate so much.
Strengths: Plot, Depth, Character, the creative stuff
Weaknesses: Punctuation, Grammar, the non-creative stuff
What ratings will you do?: Any BUT no lemon.
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon): Any (I'm willing to try)
What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight, most anime
Will you do crossovers?: Warn me what the series are (NO Harry Potter!)
Availability: About five hours a day. If your story really intrigues me, I will print it out, that will make it 7-10 hours
Do you write? (link to own fics): Sadly, yes. The amazing thing is that I am so good at pointing out other people's errors I can't spot my own. I've started to write somethin, but I'm to ashamed to put it up here (but a friend of mine is already gonna beta-read it.)

Email me your story:
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by xxmollsx »

Name: Molly Alice (I know, isn't that cool?! It's so close to Mary Alice!)
Beta Experience: Minimal, but I've done my own stories and I read a lot
Strengths: Grammar, incorrect word usage (i.e. except vs. accept), spell-checking, mechanics, etc.
Weaknesses: Being too nice about editing another person's writing; also, I sometimes have trouble with developing stories as far as the plot is concerned, but that won't be a problem for betareading!
What ratings will you do?: All
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon): Canon only
What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight only
Will you do crossovers?: No
Availability: I check my e-mail pretty much every night, so I'm way more available than I should be
Do you write? (link to own fics): Yes: and
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by TheInkling »

OOHOOH!! I NEED a Beta something fierce!!!

However, I want to mention, it's not a fanfiction, it's original fiction. Would someone mind going through my craptacular attempt at the English language and find all my mistakes. Weaknesses include, but are not limited to, comma use, forgetting words, mixing phrases, changing tense in the middle of a sentence. I am a fully competent English speaker, but when I write, I tend to think too fast and just get sloppy.

Does anyone know of a website where I can find a beta for original fiction?
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Re: Beta Readers

Post by despoina92 »

I need a beta reader for my first fan-fiction. It is settled a few years after BD. I need someone that knows the characters very well and will point out when I get OOC or I get something wrong about the Vampire universe or the story gets boring etc. I'd prefer it's an American that knows about American cities, because they aren't in Forks anymore and I am Greek. I just want to make a story that will be as true as possible to the original story.

E-mail me at
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