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Re: Team Leah "insert witty quote here"

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:26 pm
by Renesmee_Bella
What books would Leah read? Would she read?

I don't think she'd read... it calms me down, but I doubt it would work for her. Obviously romance & horror wouldn't work... she'd get bored by fantasy... maybe mystery, but not much since she deals with so many mysteries in real life!! :D

Re: Team Leah "insert witty quote here"

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:40 am
by The girlie-wolf
We need another q. This one is old....


When Leah was a little girl, do you think she loved princesses? like Deisny princesses?

Re: Team Leah "insert witty quote here"

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:29 pm
by The Real Alice Cullen
Hi guys! I'm here with some wonderful news! The mods will let us have a birthday party for Nessie (and Bella) on the 11th! We are throwing the party for Nessie, but it is also a surprise party for Bella. Isn’t it wonderful?

So far, we can have a new party thread that we can post images on! Emmett is also pushing for a games thread so that we can have some fun playing a few games.

Here is the wonderful Invitation that Jaspersgrl came up with! Remember it’s a SURPRISE PARTY! Don’t tell Bella!

We will start the party on September 11th, and it will run all day long. Please let everyone know so that we can have a really great party. I know most of the family will be there, and we are all bringing gifts!

So come over to the Birthday Bash thread to wish Nessie (and Bella) a Happy Birthday and bring a "gift" to post. I'll see you on the 11th!

Re: Team Leah "insert witty quote here"

Posted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:31 pm
by TeamLeah
Since this is my first post in this thread, I might as well answer some of the original questions as well...

What's your favorite thing about Leah?
She's so relatable. She experiences heartbreak, pain, love-real human emotions. She lives with them and despite them, and it makes her an awesome character.

your least favorite?
How she continues to dwell on Sam. (This is actually one of my least favorite things about the Twilight series in general-sometimes people need to just move on.) I know she really loved him, and I know it wasn't fair that he left her for Emily, but she needs to stop dwelling on it all the time.

If Leah were a real person is there anything you would want to tell/ask her?
I'd tell her that she's an awesome person and it's Sam's loss that he's not with her anymore.

Any suggestions for our "witty quote"
"Team Leah-happy endings are for wimps." (See my signature)

When Leah was a little girl, do you think she loved princesses? like Deisny princesses?
What little girl doesn't love Disney princesses? I think Leah would have particularly identified with Belle and Mulan (especially once she became the only female in the wolf pack), because they're both really strong characters who don't let guys boss them around.