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Re: Confederate Army--Third Rank-- Team Jasper

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:21 pm
by Aeterna
Ooh I would love to be a part of this group! I've tried the links I've seen in the earlier posts but none of them seem to be operating anymore :(

If help is needed to get things going again, please let me know and I'll do my best. I'm pretty new around here but I'm up to the challenge!

Re: Confederate Army--Third Rank-- Team Jasper

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:08 am
by Mrs.TeddyBear
Oh dear, links not working is not a good sign! :shock: I was never involved with the website or anything so I'm not sure how to help, but I'm hoping the sites just down for now? If not that means whoever created the sites hasn't been on in awhile so they're not functioning anymore, and I can't even remember who created the sites in the first place so I'm totally helpless!

Welcome anyway Aeterna! We'll get you an army name and team somehow, we've been talking of reorganizing the teams anyway so I suppose you came at a good time in regards to that :) though this is quite a quiet time for the army, I'm hoping things will pick up again soon and you'll get to see us in the full swing of things! In the meantime, answer any of the Japser/Jackson/army related questions you see and aks away as well if something comes to mind! Once Bri comes around I'm sure she'll be able to help with the websites, army name and team placement :) Bri is a major, which means she's our boss and what she says, goes! Hehe Bri do I get bonus points for giving you a good image to the new newbies? ;)

Anywho, just to make this post even a little bit helpful, I'll repost the last question that was asked:
Have you seen Jackson Rathbone in anything other than Twilight? If so, what was it? What did you think of his performance compared to his portrayal of Jasper Hale?

I've already answered and am in a bit of a hurry to get back to studying, which means I won't be coming up with any new questions, but there's always next time! Goodbye my dear army, Antoinette OUT!

Re: Confederate Army--Third Rank-- Team Jasper

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:26 pm
by The Real Alice Cullen
Hi again!

I’m just popping in to remind you all that tomorrow is the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! Please come and celebrate Edward’s 110th Birthday with us!

We are all SO excited to share our gifts with Edward and see what you’ve come up with!

You can come on and post your birthday wishes on one thread, and your gifts on another.

Remember, this year, you can post your gifts as images (make sure you link to the image, not the whole site) that will show up in the thread!

Also, you can post birthday cards / banners for Edward. Isn’t that wonderful!

If you want to post a picture of a gift, you need to do the following:
1. Make sure the image is smaller than 640 by 480
2. Post the link INSIDE the img coding you get when you push the img button. It should look like this [img]THELINKHERE[/img]. Again, link to the image only.
3. You need to preview your post first, to make sure it works right.
4. If the image is too big, just post the direct link for others to open.

To post your banner or card:
1. Just make your card / banner and make sure it is smaller than 640 across by 480 tall
2. Post it to an image hosting site (like DeviantArt or Photoshop) and then get the IMG link.
3. Paste the IMG link directly into your post, and voila! One super special birthday gift!

AND to make it a little more fun, Esme and I are judging your entries, so do your best!

Re: Confederate Army--Third Rank-- Team Jasper

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:27 pm
by smitten_by_twilight
The Staff of Alice’s Party Planning Committee are pleased to invite you to

A Celebration of the Fifth Year of Forever - The Fifth Wedding Anniversary of
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

An All-Week Woodland Event beginning Saturday, August 13th, 2011
In the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire
(contained for the week within the Alice’s Party Planning Committee topic)

Weather is predicted to be cool and overcast with possible thunderstorms. Sport equipment will be available.
Look for the Anniversary Bower in the Dartmouth Range.

Bring tents, if desired, and personal items. Bears are within easy hunting range. The Cullens request that you do not feed locally on humans. Human guests are encouraged to potluck.

We hope to see you there!

Re: Confederate Army--Third Rank-- Team Jasper

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:36 pm
by DudeRocksTheTwilight
Hi all - Major Peter here. It honestly saddens me that this thread is so dead :( Major Eva? Major Layla? Major Veronica? Isabel? Redlips? Captain Runeheart? Captain Devonshire? It just makes me so depressed that this entire board has been pretty dead lately. I mean, it's unlikely to impossible that another battle would ever take place, but it's just sad that no one posts around here anymore, and I wish there was some way to change that.

Sorry this has been a depressing post, but I miss the Army - anyone else here and feeling nostalgic? I'm ready to have a discussion on Jasper :D

Re: Confederate Army--Third Rank-- Team Jasper

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:35 pm
by Mrs.TeddyBear
I'm feeling nostalgic! I've been waiting for somebody to post after me so I wouldn't double post. I wasn't sure if the APPC invites technically counted or not... but I totally agree that the armys deadness is a bit depressing :( I really don't have anything on topic to say... and it's getting late my time seeing as I got up at 6 today so I'm not creative enough to come up with any new discussion topics. I hate posting like this with nothing to really say, I just had to share my excitement that there's finally been a real post after mine and I miss you all and I hope maybe someday we can revive this thread!

My attempt to stay on topic: discuss Japser's role in the BD movie? Assuming everybody has seen it already and we haven't discussed it while I was MIA because it's been so dead...

WIth love as always,
Antoinette Frost PG!!