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Re: Lexicalia

Post by roo-roo91 »

Cat sat in a small room in the manor Leo mentioned.
She twiddled her fingers, Leo paced.
She heard a voice mention introducing themself.
She smiled.
She tried to guess who the person was.
It sounded female.

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Re: Lexicalia

Post by willowtree »

Two people opened the door. One was a female vampire, the other a male human.

"Hi," I said. "I'm Lucia Gravano. This is the mafia manor... we're from Lexicalia. We should get there again." I glanced at Karl, who was the boss of Lexicalia. "I'm really, really, sorry, but I must go. And you, Mr Human, we have two other humans here. Somewhere. Anyway, I must go hunt. Do excuse me." I gave them an apologetic grimace.

I left and this time went to the forest. I wanted to try going veggie, it it would help Jane.

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Re: Lexicalia

Post by Openhome »

Hey all!
I would like to invite you guys to come to the Alice's Party Planning Committee Thread for an anniversary celebration in honor of Edward and Bella's Wedding!

Here is your official Invitation!

Please join us for some fun!
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Re: Lexicalia

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »

Hi Lexicalia! I'm here with some wonderful news. The mods will let us have the surprise birthday party!

So far, we can have a new party thread that we can post images on! Emmett is also pushing for a games thread so that we can have some fun playing a few games.

Here is the wonderful Invitation that Jaspersgrl came up with! Remember it’s a SURPRISE PARTY! Don’t tell Bella!

We will start the party on September 11th, and it will run all day long. Please let everyone know so that we can have a really great party. I know most of the family will be there, and we are all bringing gifts!

So come over to the Birthday Bash thread to wish Nessie (and Bella) a Happy Birthday and bring a "gift" to post. I'll see you on the 11th!
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Re: Lexicalia

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

Major Peter strolled down the streets of Lexicalia nonchalantly, twirling his dagger between his finger, whistling as he coolly surveyed the area. The Pallette stood, bright and gleaming, at the edge of the main street, with Rosalie's mechanic shop across the street. The streets of Lexicalia had been rather unpopulated lately, but Major Peter knew that he'd been deployed as Major of the Lexicalian Military for some reason - right?

A few locals walked by him, undisturbed, and he smiled to them warmly, tilting his hat down - I swear, Peter giggled, Major Jasper's Southern hospitality has rubbed off on me. Taking a seat at a bench near the edge of the park, Major Peter stretched out his legs, just taking a break. It really was a lovely day today.

((Anyone here?))
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