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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:59 pm
by ravenGirl2468
Okay I can't be on very long so Im going to have to make this post a little shorter then most (though it will probably end up being really long anyways) :lol:

Nezziecarlycullen: Umm your nickname is nezzie right? Or am I wrong? Wow I'm sorry I don't remember. Though I do think I remember your avvie :)

Paige: :lol: you caught the Computer taking over the world thing? we all agree that they are! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES 8-)

Ted: The Pretzel M&MS are good? I want to try those but I wasn't sure if they were worth it or not.

And I agree were is everyone who was on here before? I think everyone misses them! I certainly do.

and now for question

What country/region would be Emmetts favortie to vacation to?
Umm I hope I already haven't answered this q. I think anywhere with Rose and the rest of the family he would love. I kinda already answered a question like this on Team Rosalie, and I think it would be about the same answer. Some place where he could feel normal. and of course would have lots of bears

See you all later


Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:26 pm
by Melody
Emmett isn't mentioned much in the books (sadly), so what part of the book do you think Emmett should have been in more?
I would have loved to hear about him more in Breaking Dawn - his jokes crack me up! I love his sexual innuendos about Bella and Edwards intimate life :lol: I also wish that we could hear more about what he was like before he became a vampire - what life was like in the McCarty household? I'm sure it would have been a bundle of laughs :mrgreen:

Why do you think Emmett was so ready for Bella to become a vamp?
He seems to be the perfect big brother so I guess that he wanted more people to mess around with! I'm sure that the rest of the Cullen's have put a stop to Emmett's crazy behaviour (well at least tried too!) so he is excited for some fresh meat!
Also, he seems like the practical joke kind - Edward can hear what he will do and Alice can see it = no fun for Emmett! :( So when Bella is changed he can pull pranks on her :D

What country/region would be Emmett's favorite to vacation to?
He might get bored just going on one place so I would bank on an around the world trip - just the Cullen boys though! They could have more fun without the girlie's bossing them around 8-) :lol:

What would Emmett's favourite movie be?
hmm... anything funny and slightly rude would be right up Emmett's street! Though I can also imagine him watching some Disney movies with Nessie :D

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:32 am
by Mrs.TeddyBear
Hey Melody! Im glad you made it over here :D As you can see, its a great place to discuss Emmett (and you've done a great job with your first batch of questions), but if you want to officially be a part of EDC you're going to have to fill out the questionnaire found on the first page of this thread. All the info you need is in the very first post (posted by BronzeHairedGirl aka BHG). Just copy and paste the bolded questions you see and answer them in your next post, then you'll officially be a trainee! Carrie (urcoolcarrie) is in charge of promoting you to your next rank after you post a given number of times on the EDC. She is so awesome that she keeps track of ALL of our posts, so you don't need to worry about a thing :) THANK YOU CARRIE! Just make sure you keep your posts on topic so they will count towrads your next promotion and you don't get in trouble with the Ruler :shock: The Ruler of Doom that is; the keeper of which is Shannon (skylarblue), who is also the New Trainee Supervisor so if you have any questions you can direct them towards her (preferrably through PM), but we are all happy to help you with anything you need so feel free to ask! Just answer the questionnaire and you're in great shape :)

Raven~ They are SO worth it! I think my school was like a beta for them or something 'cause we had them in our vending machines for a while before it was publicized or anything like that, so I thought I'd found this rare bag of incredible goodness my first time having them :lol: I had them almost everyday in study hall last year (when I wasn't having Otis Spunkymeyer cookies that is :mrgreen: gee, I was really healthy during the school year wasn't I?). And they are healthier than normal M&M's since so much of the chocolate has been replaced with pretzel. It's such a delicious fusion of flavaaaahs!!!

It's dying around here again...will the crew come back for a new member? At least EDCCS should! I'll check back here later and if nobody's been on...there will. be. consequences. *revs up (even though thats not really possible...) the FLAME THROWER* :twisted: Consequences for the crickets, that is 8-)

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:28 pm
by Pandancer
Back online. How was everyone's weekend?

Ted: OH MY GOSH! I remember that episode, it made me want to learn gymnastics/cheering. That was when whatsherface started hating Miranda, right? Because she thought Miranda was the one that started spreading rumors about her. And then there was the one where the mean girl hurt her shoulder and Lizzie had to teach her how to cheer without putting pressure on it and-
... Okay, now I'm just embarrassing myself. :blush: xD What can I say? I used to love Disney Channel.
EEK -Covered in chewable Nerds- Heey, don't waste perfectly good (virtual) candy! :lol: I haven't had a chance to try the pretzel ones yet but they sound amazing. : D Peanut M&Ms are my favorite.
Mmm, I remember when my sister used to work for this catering place. She was in charge of the desserts and they always had these giant, one-pound bag of M&Ms back in the fridge, in case anyone needed them for ice cream or things like that. And if they had leftovers at the end of the day then she would take one of the bags home with her. It was M&M heaven. :shock: Okay, enough of that, I'm getting off-topic here.

Hi Melody, hi Paige! I remember seeing you around the Team Alice boards, Paige, welcome to the EDC. ^_^ I'm Bri, obviously.
And yes, computers certainly are taking over the world. :lol: I wonder how Emmett feels about that. He doesn't seem like the computer-y type to me.

What country/region would be Emmett's favorite to vacation to?

Maryland ;) Kidding, kidding. Let's see... -Reads through the other answers- Hokey pokey! :lol: I kind of agree with Paige's Australia answer, actually, especially since the heat wouldn't bother him. And I can totally see the rock-climbing thing too. And Ted, I didn't think of the cold and oxygen deprivation thing, but now I'm getting pictures of Emmett trying to climb Mt. Everest just to prove that he can, hahah. xD
I don't really have an answer for this one. I think Emmett would just love to travel. He strikes me as someone who would want to go from state to state, country to country just to compare them, and try the different 'meals' and enjoy some time off with Rose and the family, wrestling an anaconda or two.

Aww, I can't believe I missed the Team Alice party. AND Emmett and all the others. D: Oh well, I'll catch it next time, stupid busy weekends. But you know, I haven't seen the old OC members in a while, either. I think Syd posted a couple pages back, and Cam, but I could be imagining things. Haven't heard from them since, either way. -Pouts- :S
The flamethrower thing made me laugh so much, hahah. xD But of course, my inner-geek had to come out and the first thing I thought was, "TED IS GOING ALL COMEDIAN ON US!" (Watchmen reference, for those confused...)

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:04 pm
by SwanCullen
Thank you ladies for all the wonderful welcomes! I am so going to love it here!

Elise-You awesome people can call me JennJenn(I go by that in the HH thread in FTP) or Jennifer. Thanks for the good info! I actually have a couple questions, so I will figure out who I need to ask and send them a PM.

Bri-Thanks for the warm welcome! You seem like a cool chick!

Ted-You did an AMAZING cheer! I give it a 20 out of 10! :D

Raven-Thanks for the awesome welcome! Good question! I like it.

Now, on to important matters!

Emmett isn't mentioned much in the books (sadly), so what part of the book do you think Emmett should have been in more?
I am going with Breaking Dawn. I mean, he is only sporadically mentioned, and that is so not right IMO. He could have been a GOOD help for Bella with more of the fight training scenes developed.

If Emmett wasn't with Rose, who do you see he could be with in the Twilight world?
Now, this may seem weird, but if she wasnt a she-wolf, Leah. I mean man, those two would break some houses down I think. They would DEFINITLY have the make-up loving going on! Possibly even MORE houses damaged!

What is your favorite Book for Emmettness?
Eclipse for sure! Man, it was just amazing how......Emmett he was :lol: I don't know how else to describe it.

What would Emmett's favorites movie be?
The amercian Pie series definitly! He would have to watch that so many times because I think he would be laughing all the way through it.

Why do you think Emmett was so ready for Bella to become a vamp?
I think many of you have said it well. He doesn't mind living as a vamp. Seems like it doesnt bother him whatsoever, so of coursehe'd want Bella. I think he also thinks that she knows what she is getting into, and has already risked her life to save Edward.

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:55 am
by Mrs.TeddyBear
*Disposes of flamethorwer* Aaw, I was looking foreward to using that thing :( but Im glad I don't have to since we have a semi-lively thread again :D

Bri~ My weekned was full of schoolwork :roll: , thanks for asking. What about your weekend? And Im SO glad Im not the only one that still makes disney channel references :mrgreen: Its very good you knew what I was talking about, I seem less crazy this way! After I watched that episode I choreographed my own cheerleading try-out and started actually trying at gymnastics practice, but gymnastics is an impossible sport so that didn't help much...and thats why Im a swimmer now :lol:
Do you remember the episode where Lizzie and the mean girl were paired up as partners and they had to bake something so they went back to Lizzie's house and made a mess and were friends again for a couple hours? That was always my fave episode, it was so sweet! and I thought it was hilarious when Lizzie got flour all over herself, even though looking back I realize it was all very staged and predictable...well, thats tv for ya. It was still good at that age!

*apoligizes to Nerds* I didn't mean to waste your virtual lives, please forgive me! I haven't been able to find ANY pretzel M&M's here in Finland so for my birthday my mom sent me one of those one-pound bags, and I ended up eating half of it that day (they're THAT good!) and I had a horrible stomache-ache, but it was still worth it. Can I have your sisters job, please? I used to work at a nursing home kitchen so I got to bring home lime-flavored wasn't as bad as it may sound, but M&M's would have been way better! M&M's are always better :D

I saw Syd on the tpam thread so I know she's still around on the lex, she's just not ever on the EDC thread. She told me it was dead (rhyme!), so I guess we just need to prove her wrong! Fat has dissapeared too, and she's the one that was trying to make me to get back on the lex a couple short months ago!

Jennifer~ Do you ever go by "Jen"? Im obviously the lazy one of the group, I can't even exert enough energy to type five more letters so I can call you by your real name :oops: And thank you *throws her pom poms in the air and cathces them* very much! *bows* Im gald you enjoyed our official EDC welcome cheer, cred to our captain on that one! Im glad you like it here, you're fitting in perfectly :)

I guess since I was so eager to post, and I've already answered the questions, I have to make up a new question...this is really not my area of expertise :? sooo...*nervous chuckle* Whats brown and sticky?! A stick! :lol: (Aah, Bri I suppose theres proof that Im not a comedian) I was just trying to break the "pre- labor of question" ice. Anyway, Im now prepared to give birth to a beautiful and healthy question now! *crawls up onto the hospital bed* What do you think would have happend if Emmett (instead of Jasper) had been the one re-born into a newborn vampire army? How would he have behaved while in the army, and how would that have affected what kind of person he is as a vampire now? I really hope thats not a repeat I just dredged up from the depths of my mind, becasue I just sat here for about ten minutes trying to come up with something. Like I said, not my area of expertise...

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:58 pm
by ravenGirl2468
Hey everybody I got some bad news. I won't be able to get on the Lex Thursday through Saturday. Im going to see Aerosmith in concert!

Ted: ugh now I want those M&M's :lol: Im gonna have to go to the store and get some!

Bri: my weekend was good except my cousin is in Afghanistan and one of his friends got shot. He will be ok but it makes all of us kind of worried about him. Otherwise my weekend was great!

Jennifer: Your welcome for the welcome. :lol: that doesn't make any sense at all. Oh and thanks for saying my question was good!

oh and everybody what show are you guys talking about? with remembering episodes? I FEEL LEFT OUT! :lol: :lol: Joking.

Well I guess I will make a new Question seeing as I have nothing better to do:

What do you think is the worst Prank Emmett has ever pulled?(and they don't have to be from the books, make up one if you want.)

Okay the only thing I can do now is ramble on about nothing so I better get off before I get into trouble with The Ruler Of Doom!!!!!!!!!!


Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:06 pm
by Melody
-What inspired you to join the EDC. Inc?
I want to join because Emmett rocks! He is the perfect big brother - funny, caring and good to punch when you feel angry :lol:

- What was your first impression of Emmett?
In Twilight I thought that he was the scariest Cullen, probably because he was described so big! Now i know that the scariest Cullen is Rosalie :D

- What is your favorite Emmett quality?
His ability to make me laugh out loud! He seems to try and make the best of every situation - which isn't something that people always do. Also, he is very optimistic.
- What is your favorite Emmett moment and/or quote?
"at least someone scored around here..." Breaking Dawn :lol: :mrgreen:

- What do you think about the casting of Kellan Lutz as Emmett in the Twilight movie?
I think that he was a good choice. Seeing him in pictures before Twilight came out I was like, " :roll: " but he played Emmett perfectly. I think because he was blonde in the pictures I just couldn't picture him as Emmett.

- Is there anything you would like to submit for potential topics of discussion?
not right now.... Ill have a little brainstorm here 8-)

-Any last confessions concerning your love for Emmett?
A confession...hmmm... OH YEAH! In class (history I think) we had to write about our family and then draw a family tree. I accidently replaced my brothers name with Emmett :shock: I was reading it through and burst out laughing in a silent class :lol: I must have been thinking about a scene in Twilight because it was the day after I saw it for the first time 8-)

Mel xo

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:27 pm
by SwanCullen
Ted-yes I do go by Jen. Just don't call me Jenny. I have ALWAYS hated that nickname, and I have no clue why! I just cant stand it.

Raven-Sounds like a good reason to be away! I bet it will be a blast! have fun!

Welcome Mel! I am a newbie to this thread as well so we'll figure it out! It's great so far!

What do you think would have happend if Emmett (instead of Jasper) had been the one re-born into a newborn vampire army? How would he have behaved while in the army, and how would that have affected what kind of person he is as a vampire now?
I think that Emmett would have become something so dangerous and malicous, that like it was with Jasper, ONLY his mate could have helped him become better. He would have been so bad because of his strentgh. Imagine that, he would have killed I think a LOT more humans and Vamps than Jasper did. So I think that how Jasper is now, is how Emmett would have been. I think his bloodlust would have been probably worse then Jasper's even.

What do you think is the worst Prank Emmett has ever pulled?(and they don't have to be from the books, make up one if you want.)
I think it would have something to do with Edward Pre-Forks and then Bella and Edward after heer change. I could see him doing something that would involve a prank on their 'marital relations' you know?

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew #6

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:59 pm
by Pandancer
Aww, I like the name JennJenn. :3 And hmm, I never would have thought of Leah but I can kind of see it. I can picture them having a sort of hate/love relationship, you know? Where they disagree and get on each other's nerves a lot but that's part of the reason they love each other so much. If that makes any sense at all. :lol:

I'm so sorry, Raven, that's terrible. O_O I'm glad that he's okay, though, and that you could still enjoy your weekend. Best wishes to him! <3 Oh and we're talking about the Lizzie McGuire series from Disney Channel, from before Hilary Duff became a big musician (And got to kiss Kellan :l). It brings back memories =P Did you ever watch it?
And OH. MY. GOSH. I am so insanely jealous of you! -Flails- Aerosmith is one of my ALL-TIME favorite bands! Tell me how amazing it is when you come back, please? And have a ton of fun :D Who's the opening band, by the way? Because one of my favorite groups (Blue October) is opening for them at one of their shows, but I'm not sure when the concert is, so I was wondering if it was the one you're going to. Okay, shutting up now, sorry.

And eek, scoolwork! That bites, Ted. D: Summer is already over for you?
My weekend was pretty good but nothing really interesting happened. Mostly just your general laziness :roll: And YES, that used to be one of my favorite episodes and I always got so angry when they went back to hating each other. Even though it was pretty predictable (Though I never realized it back then), they WERE sweet! Ooh, do you remember the episode where Lizzie mentors that 7th grader and she starts to dress and act just like her? And Lizzie gets upset because people start to like her better. xD
HAHAH, good, Nerds deserve more respect than that! -Taps foot- Hmph. :lol: Mmm, that is one AWESOME birthday gift. I can only imagine what the stomach ache must have been like but the eating part sounds amazing nonetheless, hahah. My sweet tooth usually speaks louder than my stomach. :P
Mmm, jell-o. I love the strawberry kind <3 Unfortunately my sister doesn't work there anymore, so no more free M&Ms. -Sigh- I wanted to cry a little when she told me she was going to quit, hahah! xD
Aww, Syd, we're not dead. We clean up the crickets nicely, I think. ^_^ Come baaack -Tries to telepathically convince her to check the EDC again- You cannot resist the power of Emmett/Kellan~
-Snort- Maybe I'm easily amused Ted, but that joke made laugh IRL. xD But I meant THE Comedian, from Watchmen! The kickbutt superhero who fights off enemies with a flamethrower. But no worries, close enough. I'm such a comic book geek when it comes to that series, hahah. =P I love it. ANYWHO~

What do you think would have happend if Emmett (instead of Jasper) had been the one re-born into a newborn vampire army?
This is a hard question, but a good one. And I don't think it's been asked before, either.
Hmm, I think it really would have changed Emmett's mindset, personally. He's always been a happy-go-lucky guy, yes, but I feel like seeing everything and having to go through what Jasper did would really upset him (Even if he didn't have to carry the burden of being able to feel others' emotions) and until he found the Cullens, I think it would make him wonder how many vampires were really that messed up, even if he does like the action. I don't think he could do it for very long without looking for a way out.

What do you think is the worst Prank Emmett has ever pulled?(and they don't have to be from the books, make up one if you want.)

I like this question too. I imagine he's been pranking for some time now so he had to mess up at SOME point. But I can't think of anything O_O But I WILL get back to this one! And hopefully I'll be able to come up with an answer that doesn't sound like it has been stolen from someone else, hahah. xD