I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

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I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by bac »

Have you met any of the actors from Twilight? Tell us your experience.
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by urcoolcarrie »

I've met Rachelle, Mike, Justin, and Christian. They are all AMAZING and are truely genuine people.

When I saw Rachelle, I had been thinking of things to tell her and ask her all day, totally thinking I would be able to keep my cool when I finally saw her. Turns out I was wrong. The second I came within about 10 feet of her, my whole body shut down. I honestly think I wasted a perfectly good opportunity, because I went into shock and I'm fairly sure I stopped breathing for the few seconds I got to be around her. I can just remember thanking her and and smiling a lot. She's so nice, though. When I was up there, she was very warm and smiling. She was more than willing to sign my things and say that she loved the area. I love her. :)

With the other three, I was more prepared. When I got up to see them, I was all over it. I was breathing this time, so I was able to say hi and shake their hands. Christian complimented what I was wearing, which pretty much made my life. They, too, said they loved the area and despite being there for several hours were very thankful and warm.
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

urcoolcarrie wrote:I've met Rachelle, Mike, Justin, and Christian. They are all AMAZING and are truely genuine people.
I hate you. :D Some people are so lucky!Living in the UK Ill probably never get to meet them.
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by Cullen_Lover »

You are so lucky! I would like die if I saw, let alone got to meet one of them! Though I live in Canada, and not even that close to Vancouver, so that wouldn`t really happnen, but I can dream.
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by Tiger_kitten »

I went to a 100 monkeys concert and it was the most amazing experience of my life.

I love the band and their music, but seeing Jackson inches away was truly spectacular.

I went with my sister four hours early so we got to talk to the band over and over as they went in and out of the concert venue, taking in instruments and such. Then, because we had got there so early, we were able to stand at the very front of the stage. Jackson likes to get up in peoples faces and sing and touch the audience and such (he ran his fingers from my shoulder down to my hand!), probably because he knows the effect he has on girls ;) ha ha, and I am surprised I never passed out. I was also picked to choose a topic for their improv song (as they do at all their shows), I chose cherries and it resulted in a very very sexual song. I was rather pleased.

It was actually posted on Youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9AZTo3mfR0

Anyways. It was amzing to meet him and he is a very slinky, flirty fellow. It makes me laugh to this day.
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by SethisMine »

Ooh! Yes, I have met two actors to be exact. :D Charlie (Demetri) and Julia (Leah)! It was fantastic! Both were sooo sweet and their little Q&A was hilarious... I would post them, but I've yet to upload anything from my camera, due to the fact that my camera cord thing has run off... Here's my blog post about it though. There are some pictures as well. :D

Charlie has the most awesome accent ever! And he knows how to make girls go crazy for him. Everytime anyone saw even only his arm, everyone started screaming their heads off. He even threw an apple out into the crowd, and everyone went nuts. :D It was great, if I can ever find my camera cord thing... I'll post it the vids I took. :D

Julia was soo sweet as well! I still can't believe she played the mean, disgruntled Leah in Eclipse! That seems soo unlike her true personality. She truly is a very talented actress.

Oh, this was in Sugarhouse, Utah at Twilight Night by the way. :D
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

I have been lucky to meet a lot of the twilight stars. So much to tell. I started going to meet the cast because Jackson was close by and my daughter liked twilight so much. I thought it would be a nice experience for her. I asked her if she wanted to meet Jackson and she said yes. I asked her if she wanted to write him a letter and she said yes again. At the age of 4 I taught my daughter how to write and her first letter was to Jackson. Too bad I was new at this and didn't think to put a return address until a yr. later and about 6 letters later. I even brought my three month old. Jackson was nice. He signed the book to my daughter. I was not in awe at all surprisenly. Not until I decided I wanted something from him signed. I checked my car and found the book from Catherine Hardwick. I got back in line and not only did he remember us 3 hrs. later, but he remembered our names. He smiled so big that was it for me. I was hooked, yet again. From there we met Peter. Again, so so nice. He called her a vampire treat. I have been to the Today Show and I have talked to and met Taylor, Rob, and Kristen. I have met Taylor and Rob twice there. One time I did bring my daughter and my then 12 month old. 40 degree weather. They were troupers. I think it was the first time my son cried and no lie he stopped a sec. before Rob came out. And was quite the whole time he was out. I have been lucky enough to watch Rob for about three hrs. while he was on set filming RM. I have met Kellan Lutz twice. Once with my daughter. This time no baby. He is walking now and way too hard. Kellan remembers me, which is nice, but only because his pic with my daughter ended up in People Magazine. Wonderful that he tweeted her after he met her. We have met the wolf pack and they were so nice to her. She was scared when she met them. When they heard that the people at the convention was letting us come back the next day, without a ticket to try again to see if she would take a pic with them they did pink swears with her that she would take the pic. She didn't though, but she did with Eddie or I should say Laurent. The younger wolf pack member were nice to. I think it was Bronson who commented on her laugh. Tinsel seemed really nice. Nikki, like all the cast has a wonderful smile. I only got to talk to her for a sec. I am sure I missing someone, but these are the ones I remember. I met Steve from Hurricane Bells twice. The first time I drove his tour van home. It was a great and fun night. There is a plus for being the sober one. He is really nice. It was my third time driving in the city and I had a trailer with all him equipment on the rear of the van. I never got my pic. with Rob or Kristen because I was concentrating on getting my daughter's letter to them, but Rob didn't understand I was giving him a letter from my daughter so he signed the paper I gave him. He looked confused when I refused the piece of paper and told him it was from my daughter. It has been a struggle to get my daughter close to Rob to say hi. There will be more chances. I am up for the challenge, but the excitement isn't calming down and was a little too much for her. My goal is to get her close enough to say hi to Rob or to at least get a letter to her. I finally remembered to include our address, but nothing yet. Well I Loved reading everyone's experiences. I hope to have more to write about and share.
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by 100MonkeysVA »

I've met Jackson Rathbone a few times now - all because of 100 Monkeys concerts. Him and all his band mates are very nice :) I remember the first meet & greet I went to for 100 Monkeys. By the time I got up to meet Jackson and company I was frozen solid in shock. I was literally star struck for a minute. Their tour manager had to take the CDs I was holding out of my hand for the band to sign them. Finally I snapped out of it and squeaked out "you guys were great" and hightailed it out of there. I vaguely remember Jackson saying a very Elvis-like "Thank you, thank you very much". The whole experience was quite hilarious (though embarrassing at the time - now I can laugh at myself). Now after seeing them a few times the star struck-ness has worn off and they're just normal guys (which I knew of course all along - it just took some time to get over the initial panic mode).

If you're a Jasper and/or Jackson Rathbone fan I suggest checking out one of the upcoming tour shows later this month if you live nearby. 100 Monkeys is touring in the south from Xmas to the day after New Years. I can't wait to ring in the New Year with Jackson and the rest of the band! For more info check out their website 100monkeysmusic (dot) com

As for cast members I'd like to meet - more than anything I'd say Ashley Greene. She seems like such a sweetheart in interviews. Also, Peter Facinelli - I bet he's very nice in person :)
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by Tornado »

I'd love to meet someone from Twilight, but I live in Australia, and not in Sydney, either, which is the only place they visit if they do come over here!
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Re: I've met a Twilight Saga Star!

Post by Austwilight »

I know what you mean Tornado. Even though I'm in NSW they don't visit anywhere outside of Sydney, which sux. I wish 100 monkey's would tour down under someday, would love to see them live.
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