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Re: Team Onion Skin: A place for Aro adoration

Post by VolturiGirl »

I love the fact that The Real Aro is involved in the Lexicon.

Banner by Tammy AZ

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Re: Team Onion Skin: A place for Aro adoration

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »


Hi there everyone! This is a little awkward, but I suppose we should invite you as well. It's Edward's 110th Birthday Party! Isn’t it wonderful? One-hundred-ten, and still going strong!

Anyway, we Cullens are opening a Birthday thread for him on the 20th, and we would LOVE for all of you to stop by and wish Edward a Happy Birthday with us!

This year, the Mods are not just allowing pictures of presents, they are allowing EVERYONE to make him a birthday card or greeting and post it as an image! Esme and I are so excited to see all your artistic creations!

Here are the boring details:
The banners MUST be rated PG, and must be appropriate for the Lexicon, of course :roll:
The banners must not be bigger than 640 X 400
You need to post the banner on another site (such as Photobucket or DeviantArt) and then link the image here.

So, everyone get creative, and let’s see what you can come up with!

Oh dear, I see where this is going... NO headboards!
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Re: Team Onion Skin: A place for Aro adoration

Post by The Real Aro »

Dear Alice, so thoughtful.

Hello my darlings. I am distressed to see that there are only two pages devoted to me and yet that Patterson boy has 7 threads of women nattering on and on about headboards and other such horrors. Clearly those mods are deleting all the posts devoted to me. In lieu of appropriate snacks at this party perhaps I should visit the mods instead of visiting the Halfway House. The blood of those women is a tad over sappy anyway.

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