Chapter 14 - ...Feeling Guity for Being Rude to Vampires

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Re: Chapter 14 - ...Feeling Guity for Being Rude to Vampires

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1. Jacob continues to be baffled by Bella's response to him. How do you explain it? Is she still in love with him or is he misreading her signals?
I think she loves him very much and is very happy to have her best friend nearby, that's all. If Jacob's makes more out of that, then he's stupid, he knows she made her choice. I do understand his feelings though.

2. How are the Cullens adapting to the relationship that Seth has to the Cullens and Jacob has to Bella?
They are treating them like friends, but don't see them as family.

3. It seems the lines between the Cullens and Jacob’s pack is blurring. What changes do you see taking place. Do you feel there are concessions being made on both sides?
Concessions are being made on both sides, yes. They don't like the way the other smells, but they stick together anyway. They're becoming friends. Except for Rose and Leah ;)

4. What do you think of Bella’s indifferent attitude about her injuries?
She knows what she wants; this baby. If she has to have pain for that, she'll bare that pain.

5. Jacob is truly growing and “coming into his own” in this chapter. As the Alpha, a werewolf and friend of Bella, how do you feel he balances these different pressures and do you feel his loyalties are changing or are only flexible for this moment?
I think his loyalties are changing. His loyalty changed when he chose to save Bella and I don't think that when the baby's born, he'll switch back.

6. Do you think Jacob’s attitude about vampires in general is changing or just particular members of the Cullens? Do you think the Cullen’s opinions of werewolves are changing, or do you think some of them already viewed them as potential friends rather than enemies?
The Cullen's (again, except for Rose) see the wolves as potential friends, not as enemies. Jacob's starting to feel different about them, but not much.
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